A heartfelt thank you to Fondation En Cœur

As part of Heart month, we want to thank our trusted partner, the Fondation En Cœur, for their invaluable support of the Children’s young patients.

Two decades of support

For the past 20 years, Fondation En Cœur has brought much needed care, comfort and social assistance to families in the cardiology department at the Children’s, for whom the medical journey can last months and often times years.

Helping the Children’s find unexpected ways to heal

In collaboration with Dr. Claudia Renaud, Pediatric and Fetal Cardiologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and others, Fondation En Cœur recently published a book titled Cœur d'enfant* to help parents better understand their child’s condition, and focus on what really matters – helping their child get better.

On behalf of our young patients and their families, we thank Fondation En Cœur for helping the Children’s find unexpected ways to heal all year long, and making a big difference in the lives of many

* The English version of the book will be available soon.