From November 29th - December 3rd, 2023 at the Westmount Recreation Center ("WRC")

The Westmount Old Timers Hockey Tournament ("Tournament") was initiated in 1989 by Members of the Senior Westmount Allstar Team ("SWAT") to bring together teams from various regions to compete in a friendly Charity Tournament. The idea was inspired by Nicolas W. Matossian, a young patient at The Montreal Children’s Hospital ("MCH") diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, who, believing in the urgent need to fight pediatric cancer, wanted to make a difference. With his friends, he organized two golf tournaments that in his remaining lifetime raised over $50'000 and enabled him to start his own Fund at the MCHF.

Spurred by his example, SWAT Members decided that they too could organize a fundraiser and make a difference, and thus the Tournament was born.

The Tournament's objective has always been to contribute "to the acquisition of Neuro-Surgical Equipment and to Research in pediatric brain cancer". Over the years, it has contributed to the acquisition of essential surgery/imaging equipment,to palliative care, microbiology, hemo-oncology and, equally important, to the current Research Programs for Pediatric brain tumors at the MCH and Hopital Ste-Justine. Some of the donations to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation may be used to augment the Nicolas W. Matossian Endowment Fund, a perpetual endowment whose yearly revenues are distributed as required by its mandate, solely for the acquisition of advanced neuro surgical equipment and for research into pediatric brain cancer.

Since its modest beginnings over 30 years ago, the Tournament has grown into a significant Westmount Community event, attracting Teams from many Quebec Municipalities, from Ontario and from the USA. This has all been possible thanks to the sustained support of the City of Westmount and the WRC, as well as the backing of lots of volunteers, merchants, parents, and donors. The Tournament has also been a consistent donor to the children's hospitals, ranking as one of the longest annual significant donors to them, expanding its scope and donations each year with the intent to continue this expansion as it shifts into the hands of a new generation.

This year welcomes some new teams, some new blood and a lot of hope and expectation to match our past years record fundraiser. Our sponsorship model and our silent auction have elicited a great amount of support from an ever expanding audience .and while we are proud to provide increasing support every year for the MCH's battle against pediatric brain cancer we are also fully conscious of the growing gap between the medical funding available and the resources required to advance research and provide state of the art surgical equipment. The MCH is a world leader in the world Pediatric Brain Cancer research and surgery, significant progress is being made every year, and every inch of progress on that rocky road means less suffering and increased hope for a cure. Now, in this time of need we cannot fall behind but must rally and give our support to those who have dedicated their lives to the fight against this too often deadly disease.

Every cent of your donation is a drop that erodes this devastating cancer and brings welfare or cure to so many young patients. Be proud to be part of this army that will keep fighting until smiles return to all afflicted children.

Thank you for your generosity!