This is Verdun Wackers 31st year of fundraising for The Montreal Children's Hospital and our 25th annual golf day.

Last year we raised an amazing $16,900 for the Hospital and $1,200 to 3 different Friends of Wackers organizations for total of $18,200. I would like to increase this number for 2024. It is up to all of us to step up and help put smiles on the kids faces.

The money that is raised for the Hospital goes to a program called Child Life Services. They set up events and activities that let kids be kids, laugh and have fun while they are in the Hospital for an obvious unwanted stay.

As always, we honor the memory of Dana Alcalde.

Last year, we surpassed $200,000 for total money raised for hospital and the other organizations in the Verdun Wacker Family.

Thank you for your ongoing support. That's what Verdun people do!