Who are we?

As two international high school students Lucille-Teasdale, we realized from our world-based program that we were lucky enough to be healthy and fit. Unfortunately, this is not everyone's case. Many people have not had the chance to live under these conditions. Sensitized by this cause, we decided to get involved in our community and to carry out, as part of our volunteer work, a fundraiser for the foundation of the Children's Hospital of Montreal.

What are we organizing?

1. The solicitation of sponsorships through donations from local businesses.
2. Fundraising, more specifically used books
3. A sale of used books at the cultural feast of Brossard

How to help us?

Donating your used books, donations and your collaboration during the show will be very valuable to the success of our project.

When and where?

We will hold our book sale at Brossard's Sorbonne Park, as part of the Brossard Cultural Feast, a "great international gastronomic celebration," August 10 from 5 pm to 11 pm and August 11 from 10 am to 11 pm.

How to contact us?

To inform us that you are in possession of books (we will pick them up in the next days) or more information about this fundraising, you can contact us at the email address in order to support us in our approach to sick children.