Fundraising is the cornerstone of many churches with various events throughout the year, however at Lighthouse we only have one fundraiser a year and that is the walk-a-thon.

The annual walk-a-thon began in 2014 and it is a 15 km walk in our community. During this event we invite people to our church, promote our various program and we enjoy a time of fun and laughter.

Each year a portion of the funds raised during this walk go towards our various programs such as Sunday school, our scholarship program, food bank and other areas of need. This year we will also support the Montreal Children’s Foundation with 20% of all funds raised.

People can donate per km, a onetime donation or people can also join us in walking to show their support. This event keeps us fit, but most importantly is helps raise much needed funds for the community.

Our goal this year is to raise fifty thousand dollars ($50000). In the past with the amounts raised we bought food cards, food, bus passes and helped people with there every day needs. With a larger amount raised we can do so much more for the community.

In order for this event to be successful we need your help. Any amount will help. You can donate here or via our website at

Contact: 514-705-2256