Lorelei Reid

This year, I will be once again riding the mighty bike through the downtown streets of Montreal, to raise funds for the kids!

Please donate what you can to support :)

About the cause:

Help fund the Interhospital Pediatric Transport Project and support the Child Life team:

Four pediatric hospitals in Quebec, including The Children's, are launching a specialized Interhospital Pediatric Transport Project in June 2023. The initiative aims to transport critically ill children to specialized pediatric hospitals with dedicated professionals and equipment. This is expected to benefit over 400 children annually, and will cover up to 200 km from Montreal. In order to ensure a fully equipped and functional transport unit at all times, funding is needed for a backup defibrillator to restart the hearts of kids in need after cardiac arrest.

The Children's Child Life team aims to improve patients' and families' quality of life and normalize their hospital stay. Thanks to donor support, the only dedicated Child Life team in Quebec provides vital care for long-term patients and pre-surgery support for children. The team has introduced valuable complimentary therapies over its 80+ year history. Your donation will contribute directly to transforming care for thousands of young patients and their families.


kim bieszez, 40 $ – 22 juin 2023

Kevin Boada, 50 $ – 7 juin 2023

Kimberley Moffatt, 25 $ – 22 mai 2023

Debbie Morrison, 75 $ – 17 mai 2023

Kathleen Conway, 25 $ – 17 mai 2023

Julie Downs, 50 $ – 17 mai 2023

Elizabeth Morrison, 100 $ – 17 mai 2023