Gabriela Labao - Wellness Warriors - 2023

Membre de l'équipe Wellness Warriors - 2023

Collecte de fonds pour : Pédalez pour les enfants 2024

Gabriela Labao - Wellness Warriors - 2023

I am thrilled that the amazing Wellness Warriors are back again for their second year on the Mighty Bike and that I will once again be part of this team. This year marks the 32nd edition of Pedal for Kids, and our goal is to support the Healthy Kids Fund at the Montreal Children's Hospital. When a newborn, child or adolescent needs an unexpected treatment that could be the difference between life and death, the Healthy Kids Fund is there to respond to urgent needs at the right time. Your donation will contribute directly to transforming care for thousands of young patients and their families. I am sure that you or someone you know has been impacted by the outstanding services of the hospital at one time or another, and I am proud to be part of an event and of a team that has helped raise funds to ensure the continuity of those services. With your donation, you can be part of that team too ! I know the economy is tight and times are difficult. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the children's needs have been reduced. I ask that you give what you can to make this edition of Pedal for Kids as successful as you have helped to make it in the past.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Moreira Brothers, 400 $ – 24 mai 2023

Lucia Moreira, 25 $ – 19 mai 2023

Maria Raposo, 50 $ – 19 mai 2023

Goretti Carreiro, 25 $ – 3 mai 2023

Teresa Capela, 25 $ – 20 avril 2023

9460-2455 Quebec inc., 150 $ – 19 avril 2023

Gabriela Labao, 15 $ – 17 avril 2023

Manny Capela, 100 $ – 13 avril 2023

Trianda Barton, 25 $ – 2 mars 2023