Peter Higgins

The Westmount Old Timers Hockey Tournament ("Tournament") was initiated in 1989 by Members of the Senior Westmount Allstar Team ("SWAT") to bring together teams from various regions to compete in a friendly Charity Tournament. The idea was inspired by Nicolas W. Matossian, a young patient at the Montreal Children’s Hospital ("MCH") diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, who, believing in the urgent need to fight pediatric cancer, wanted to make a difference and with his friends organized two golf tournaments that in his remaining lifetime raised over $50,000.

Spurred by his example, SWAT Members decided that they too could organize a fundraiser and make a difference, and thus the Tournament was born. The Tournament's objective has always been to contribute "to the acquisition of Neuro-Surgical Equipment and to Research in pediatric brain cancer".

Cancer does not await the resolution of a pandemic: to win the battle, we must now redouble our efforts and be certain that all our contributions have and will continue to make a difference. Let us unite and give in the knowledge that the care given through our donations will bring greater comfort to afflicted children, will reassure their parents and will bring us ever closer to a cure.

Thank you for your generosity!

Peter Higgins


Jon Feilding, 150 $ – 15 novembre 2022

John MULDER, 100 $ – 15 novembre 2022

judy litvack, 50 $ – 15 novembre 2022

Peter Higgins, 100 $ – 15 novembre 2022