Johanne Sabourin - Let’s Make 30 Years of Pedal Count!

Membre de l'équipe La randonnée d'Evan

Collecte de fonds pour : Pédalez pour les enfants 2021

Johanne Sabourin - Let’s Make 30 Years of Pedal Count!

Summer has arrived and as things start to open up, we all can feel the warmth and renewal that has arrived with it after what has been such a stressful and difficult year for everyone. As we begin to see our loved ones again, it is with gratitude and great emotion that we embrace the importance of health, family, friends and support. Amidst this sunshine, however, it remains that there are so many children that need our help. It is in this spirit of gratitude and hope, that I ask for yours.

I am thrilled to announce that as it stands today, we will be back on that Mighty Bike this September! Incredibly, this is the 30th ANNIVERSARY OF PEDAL FOR KIDS and in that time we have raised over $13,432,284 !! I am so proud to have contributed in different ways to this over the many years that I have been a part of this fabulous cause close to my heart. We have done this with the help of caring and generous contributors such as yourselves, without whom this could never have been possible.

Please help us make this special edition of Pedal a truly memorable one as we celebrate our 30 years and the joyful gratitude of once again seeing one another. Any amount that you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance.



Charlotte Libman, 50 $ – 26 Juillet 2021

«Jo, you are an inspiration. Good luck reaching your goal.»

Betty Sabourin, 25 $ – 26 Juillet 2021

«My wonderful brave great nephew Kyle had a brain tumor/cancer and was well taken care of by the Children's Hospital staff.»

Ken Atlas, 500 $ – 25 Juillet 2021

«In honour of Judy Atlas»

Mathieu Lévesque, 200 $ – 12 Juillet 2021

John Murphy – 12 Juillet 2021

Vivian Cyriacopoulos, 200 $ – 1 Juillet 2021

Andrew Hodhod – 23 Juin 2021

Kathleen McNally, 50 $ – 23 Juin 2021

Diane Makos, 25 $ – 23 Juin 2021

CYNTHIA WEBB, 100 $ – 23 Juin 2021

Beverley Pope, 30 $ – 23 Juin 2021

Alexandra Nicol, 200 $ – 22 Juin 2021

Christine Gagnon, 50 $ – 22 Juin 2021

Johanne Sabourin, 50 $ – 22 Juin 2021