My name is Damian and my story began on March 14th 2015 when I was born, cute as a button, in a hospital room in Montreal. My mom, dad and older brother Martin fell in love with me instantly and all I wanted was to be cuddled in their warm and loving arms. I came home the very next day and so began my adventure.
No one knew it at the time, but I was special because I was born with a condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. It was 6 weeks later that I suddenly became very sick and my mom took me to the ER at the Children's Hospital right away. Both mom and dad were very scared because no one knew what was wrong. Thankfully the wonderful nurses and doctors at the ER took me in right away and started doing every possible test to try to figure out my mystery. It was only a few hours later that they discovered my condition and told my mom and dad that I would need surgery.
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia means that I had a hole in my diaphragm. The diaphragm separates the lungs and heart in the chest from the abdomen. This hole allowed some of my intestinal organs to get into my chest cavity and as a result my lungs were small and squished, and this compromised my breathing.
My operation took place the very next day. My heros were my surgeons who managed to operate on my teeny tiny belly with a special tool called a thoracoscope. They put my intestines back in place, repaired my diaphragm and I was good as new. The surgeons took care not only of me, but also of my mom and dad who were very worried; they were there to reassure them, inform them every step of the way and answer their zillion questions.
I was in intensive care for some time where amazing nurses and pediatricians took care of me 24/7. It's thanks to all the love around me that I recovered much sooner than expected and only four days after my entry into the ER, I once again made my journey back home from the hospital.
I am now a healthy, handsome, curious and very naughty boy of one year. I promise to continue to grow, continue to create mischief, and make everyone in my family's lives fun and rich with adventure.
And I can do that thanks to the brave surgeons, nurses, pediatricians who saved my life, and who save children in our community every single day.
As special thanks I would like every present for my first birthday to be a donation to the Children's Hospital. The hospital relies on our donations for life-saving medical equipment or fund research into childhood diseases or other critical needs.
Please be as giving and as generous as my heroes have been to me.
Thank you!


Ghislain Blais – 30 mars 2016

«Bonne fête Damian, je ne savais pas que tu avais passé à travers d'une telle situation. Courage et continue de faire sourire tes parents et ton gentil frère! »

Tresor Luyeye, 10 $ – 30 mars 2016

claudia jaramillo, 50 $ – 23 mars 2016

Joelle Saliou – 23 mars 2016

«Happy belated Birthday Damian, such a touching story. Grateful that we have such great hospitals and doctors. »

Fabiola Ruiz – 22 mars 2016

«Que sigas iluminando a tu alrededor!»

Anonyme, 50 $ – 22 mars 2016

Ashraf E – 22 mars 2016

«I wish you a very healthy life full of joy and happiness along with your parents.
You will be strong and you will take good care of them.
This is on behalf of my mother ...»

Maria Robertson, 25 $ – 18 mars 2016

«Great initiative Damian, Happy Birthday!!!
We love you! »

Anne Talbot – 17 mars 2016

Anonyme, 100 $ – 16 mars 2016

Olivia Karabatsos – 15 mars 2016

«Bravo! We are so proud of you Damian! Many kisses from Alex, Jin and Olivia»

François Viens, 20 $ – 14 mars 2016

«It is amazing what they do and it is priceless.»

Colin Danby – 14 mars 2016

«What a great idea! Happy Birthday Damian.»

Anonyme, 20 $ – 14 mars 2016

Luis Barreno – 14 mars 2016

«Little Damian ! you made my eyes wet... but of joy ! When I first heard about your story I told your Mom you were a fighter, and she knew that of course... you're also a Pisces so you know how to swim not only along the stream but against it ! you were born to dream my little friend ! like all Pisces ! and you will always find a way to make your dreams come true ! but yeah, sometimes we need some help from other people and those heroes as you call them deserve all our admiration and also our help so they can continue doing good in this world and bringing joy and opportunities for boys like you to show this world what commitment and passion and gratitude is all about. I don't know but I love you already ! I wish you a very happy birthday, lots of fun with your little brother and your awesome parents which I had the joy to meet. I hope I meet you soon and I hope to continue hearing from you and see how you turn into a bigger and stronger kid thanks to facebook :p Feliz Cumpleanos Damian !!! »

Rafael Anleu, 25 $ – 14 mars 2016