Anaya Devi's 6th Birthday

This year, we are choosing to celebrate the gift of health. We are thankful for the care that both my sister and I have received at the Children's in the past and for the amazing care they continue to provide for so many children as well as support for their families in very difficult times.

In lieu of Birthday gifts, please help us support this cause and make a difference in the lives of our most precious little treasures.

With lots of Love from Anaya Devi xoxo


Lloyd Robinson, 50 $ – 13 avril 2018

«Grandma and Grandpa are so proud of our little Anaya Devi for this selfless act to help a sick child and for donating your hair to bring some happiness to someone who needs it xoxo»

Christine-Anne Goodyer – 18 mars 2018

Ilana-Beth Cohen – 18 mars 2018

Michelle Fridman-Orenstein – 18 mars 2018

«Happy birthday!
From your friend, Parker»

Jennifer et Amanda Tokar, 40 $ – 18 mars 2018

«Bonne fête Anaya Devi ! !!»

Wendy Aflalo – 18 mars 2018

«Happy birthday!!! Xoxo Taylor»

Lewis Hopps – 18 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday Anaya Devi! From Marcus and Maggie»

Abigail Roldan – 17 mars 2018

«Happy birthday Anaya-Devi...thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day! Love, Darren and family»

Eshwari Ambalapady, 50 $ – 17 mars 2018

«Happy bday my little Anaya Devi. From Steven mama oh lala and Ramya atte»

Kimberly Sévigny, 30 $ – 17 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday Anaya Devi!! Love Ava xxx»

Bonnie Robinson, 50 $ – 17 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday baby!

We are so proud of your strong spirit and kind heart!

With lots of love from mommy, daddy and sister bear xoxoxo»

Joyce Haik, 40 $ – 17 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday Anaya Devi !! From Jessica xoxo»

Glenn Katz – 17 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday Anaya Devi. From Arielle»

Patricia Spencer, 30 $ – 14 mars 2018

«Happy Birthday Anaya Devi!! Love, Holly »