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Kicks for Kids

On June 3rd, 2018 we will be hosting a soccer-tournament fundraiser, "KicksforKids" in support of the H.B. Williams Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

The event will be taking place at the beautiful outdoor Molson stadium near McGill University and participants aged 10+ will compete in a friendly soccer tournament. The event will be a fun-filled day with entertainment, food, activities and prizes and is ideal for children, adolescents and young adults who are looking to have a fun time while supporting a great cause!

The cost for registration is 10$ for ages 18 and younger and 15$ for participants over 18. This includes team T shirts, food, entertainment and a chance at various prizes!

We are looking for sponsors and donors to support our upcoming event and we look forward to working with you towards benefiting the Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

For more information on our cause, event and ways to get involved please visit our website at www.kicksforkids2018.com

  • Danielle and Eddy Rogozinsky, $250.0020 avril 2018
  • terry kaspi reiss, 20 avril 2018

    “ great work! ”

  • Margaret & Daniel Loeb, $1000.0020 avril 2018
  • David and Laurie Puterman, $250.0020 avril 2018
  • Hillel and Kim Gammal, $36.0020 avril 2018
  • Raymonde Abenaim, $50.0018 avril 2018
  • joseph gabay, $250.0018 avril 2018

    “ bravo pour l'initiative ”

  • Daniel Assouline, $1000.0018 avril 2018
  • Viviane Amar, $180.0017 avril 2018
  • Pellatt Cornucopia Gift Baskets, $250.0016 avril 2018
  • Reboxcorp, $250.0013 avril 2018
  • Jack Hasen, 13 avril 2018

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