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Enrique turns 5!

As parents of two preemies born at 25 weeks, we know only too well how important it is to ensure sick kids get all the help they need to survive and thrive. Without God's grace and the sophisticated technology in the NICU(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the Royal Victoria Hospital and at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, our little Enrique would not to be here today. And without the support and encouragement of the incredible staff of doctors, nurses and specialists, Carlos and I would have found our journey just that much harder. Though we didn't win on all fronts and lost our little Alessandro, we know that without the care they both received, neither baby would have made it past day 1. So today, in honour of Enrique’s birthday and in memory of our angel above, we’d like to give back to those who helped ensure Enrique is with us today. Thank you for your donation. Together we can make a difference. If for whatever reason you are unable to donate, we are just happy that you can come and celebrate this special day with us!

  • dinah afanou, $80.0026 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday Big Boy !!! XXX ”

  • maria torres, $50.0022 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday Enrique!!! You are such an inspiration !! ”

  • Franco Di Benedetto, $25.0021 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday Enrique! God bless you. ”

  • Marieke Gardner, $50.0020 janvier 2018
  • Julian Bach, $75.0020 janvier 2018
  • Laura Momesso, $50.0020 janvier 2018

    “ Happy birthday  ”

  • Anonymous, $50.0020 janvier 2018

    “ Happy birthday Enrique! ”

  • Sarah Soifer, $25.0019 janvier 2018

    “ The happiest of birthdays to you Enrique.  ”

  • Bertrand Leveille, 19 janvier 2018
  • Lorena Di Benedetto, $50.0019 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday Enrique!
    God Bless you every day.
    Lori,Leo,Emily and Sophia ”

  • Egidio and Vincenza Nazzari, 19 janvier 2018
  • Pamela Giancola, $25.0018 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday Enrique!!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you!
    Coco & Nate ”

  • Julia Meffe, $40.0017 janvier 2018

    “ Happy 5th Birthday Enrique!!! We are so excited to share this special day with you and can't to see you. Big Hugs from Julia, Marcus, Maya & Justin xoxox  ”

  • Jai Granofsky, 17 janvier 2018
  • Mara Nazzari, $50.0015 janvier 2018

    “ HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY ENRIQUE!!!!!!!!!!! We love you SOO much ! You are such an incredible little boy and you truly melt our hearts! We wish you all the best on your birthday and may all your birthday wishes come true! LOVE YOU, Zia,Zio & Valentina  ”

  • Ada Nazzari, $100.0015 janvier 2018

    “ Happy Birthday to our little munchkin!!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and you make every day that much brighter! We love you very much! And to our little prince up above, you are in our hearts today and always. We love you so much!!! baci e abbracci, Mamma, Papa and Letizia xoxo ”

  • Julieta Machado Bach, $40.0014 janvier 2018

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