Tribute Fund for Dr. Leo Richard Haber

Tribute Fund for Dr. Leo Richard Haber

Dr. Leo Richard Haber was a skilled and much loved Paediatrician at the Montreal Children's Hospital, the father of six children (grandfather of nine), brother to nine siblings and beloved husband to Patricia Haber. He lived a life of passionate service, both to the thousands of patients he treated over his 40+ year career, and the hundreds of babies he baptized through his work as a Deacon with St. Monica's Parish. Through his work he touched the lives of thousands of people and wherever he went he actively joined and helped build community. On September 29, 2019 he would have been celebrating his 77th birthday surrounded by family gathered around a dinner table and enjoying his meal with gusto. His sudden and unexpected passing on February 7, 2019 was a shock to many, and still leaves his family, friends and patients bereft with a deep sorrow that can't really be eased but for the passage of time. In his honour and with hopes that funds raised will continue to do the work of his life - bringing sick children back to health and increasing the love and joy in the world, we have a set up this fundraising tribute page. Please give generously to the best of your ability. Our father never retired, never stopped working and gave his heart and soul to his work. We hope that his legacy will live on to continue what he did with dedication and passion every day of his life.


amy keith, $25 – September 16, 2019

Karine Dion, $25 – September 16, 2019

Philip Lawandi, $100 – September 16, 2019

Kelly Collins, $200 – September 16, 2019

«Ron & Kathleen Collins and their children and grandchildren (patients of Dr. Haber), the Collins-Desjardins, Collins-Roberts & Finlay Families»

Sherif Emil, $200 – September 14, 2019

«Rick's legacy will continue to give to others as he had given every day of his life.»

Dan Poenaru, $100 – September 11, 2019

Toby Measham, $100 – September 11, 2019

Carina Pollice, $25 – September 11, 2019

Anonymous, $100 – September 11, 2019

John Manoukian, $100 – September 11, 2019

«Richard was always full of passion, always positive, a true friend and college, will miss him»

Reza Alizadehfar, $200 – September 11, 2019

«It is still very hard to believe that Rick is no longer with us! He always had a nice smile and a nice word to say! A truly kindhearted gentleman, a fabulous physician and teacher! We all miss him!!!»

Theresa Gilmour, $25 – September 11, 2019

Laurent Legault, $100 – September 11, 2019

«What I'll miss most about Rick will be the chats we had in the hall. His genuine interest for others was one of his most endearing qualities and set him apart.»

Catherine Millar, $200 – September 11, 2019

Andrew Arnovitz, $500 – September 11, 2019

melvin schloss, $100 – September 11, 2019

«A wonderful friend and colleague»

Marcella Barganz, $100 – September 10, 2019

catherine maclean, $100 – September 10, 2019

Sarah Cavanagh, $25 – September 10, 2019

Samuel Freeman MD Inc., $500 – September 10, 2019

CHRISTINE MCCUSKER, $200 – September 10, 2019

Manon Allard, $200 – September 10, 2019

«This fund for a such a nice man and and devoted colleague is a great initiative.»

Constantin Polychronakos, $100 – September 10, 2019

«Rick was always there for sick children when they needed thoughtful care, for junior colleagues when they needed a role model and for us, his contemporaries, when we needed to renew our faith in the medical profession. We miss him.»

Mark Boyer, $25 – September 10, 2019

Linda Conn, $25 – September 10, 2019

alexandria Haber, $100 – September 10, 2019

Anita Gualtieri, $100 – September 10, 2019

«To a great man and dr who touched our family deeply by taking such good care of our son. Joey misses u lots .

The Gualtieri s»

Carolyne Leroux, $100 – September 10, 2019

Jennifer Stern, $25 – September 10, 2019

Julie Klucinskas, $100 – September 9, 2019

Bonnie Mitchell, $100 – September 9, 2019

«Beloved Dr. Rick... adopted Dad, awesome family... Doc to my son, my sister and brother, and absolute great man. He taught me so much about humility and love for family. I am forever grateful for his influence.»

Jayesh Patel – September 9, 2019

Julian Haber, $100 – September 9, 2019