Together We are Stronger!

Dr. Braverman was recruited from Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore USA in 2008 and is a pioneer in her field. Her research focuses on a group of inherited disorders caused by changes in genes responsible for the proper function of peroxisomes, important components of cells that help to metabolize lipids, or fatty acids. These disorders can affect the nervous system, vision, hearing, liver, bone density, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Dr Braverman's laboratory uses cell and mouse models to study this disorder and develop treatments. Currently, the laboratory is studying the efficacy of a small molecule-based treatment and a retinal gene therapy in the mouse model. The aim of these treatments is to help prevent the degenerative progression of these diseases. Dr Braverman has also developed a patient registry that documents variation in disease outcomes to ensure that novel drugs and treatments can achieve the best outcome and quality of life for patients. She runs an active multi-disciplinary clinic in which she sees patients with peroxisome disorders in Quebec, other provinces and other countries. As she brings her research from bench to bedside, her advances are having a meaningful impact on the children she treats.

In December 2017, Dr. Braverman, with her current Postdoctoral Fellow Catherine Argyriou, won the Amorchem Knock-Out competition, thereby securing important funds to promote her research project on correcting retinal degeneration and preventing blindness in peroxisome disorders. Her overall work has also earned her the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Award of Excellence in Research, proudly presented by Pfizer Canada.

To view ongoing projects in Dr Braverman's laboratory, please see their website:

Advances in this field would not be possible without a strong community spirit, composed of researchers, clinicians and family organizations. Dr. Braverman believes that together, we are stronger. She is very excited that the community spirit is proving fruitful across the globe.


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