Tamara Jedeikin

Dear Friends,

This is a photo of my kids, Lola (16), Jacob (13), and Lucas (6).

They are my entire universe.

They are healthy, thankfully, and broken limbs and high fevers aside, I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

I wake up each day blissfully unaware of the turmoil so many families face. Families of children living with illness. For these families, every day is a nightmare. From medical care, to hospital visits, to caring for other children, to managing households and just keeping things together day to day, they are barely coming up for air.

That is where you come in. When it comes to OUR KIDS, it TAKES A VILLAGE.

On Saturday, August 24th, I will be riding in the SUBBAN GALAXY SPIN at Cadence Cycle. Alongside PK himself, and led by Yaron Spitzer, we will be riding through RHYTHM, SWEAT, LAUGHTER and TEARS to raise awareness and funds for PK Subban’s Helping Hand Foundation at the Montreal Children's. Please help me reach and surpass my goal of $2,500.00

Your generosity will go directly to financial aid, medical care, equipment and supplies, housing, parking, meals and so much more. Most importantly, it will bring us together, as a community, as a village to help OUR KIDS get back to the business of being KIDS!

Support MY RIDE, and become part of the SUBBAN GALAXY SPIN family.



Shari Lester, $36 – April 23, 2019

Erica Diamond, $100 – April 18, 2019

Daniel & Cindi Becker, $100 – April 18, 2019

«Good luck Tamara. Great cause and happy to support it.»

Jennifer London – April 15, 2019

Leslie Goldsmith, $25 – April 9, 2019

François St-Denis, $150 – April 8, 2019

Oliver Freedman, $100 – April 8, 2019

Etta and Frank Jacobs, $180 – April 7, 2019

«Great cause ! .....Go girl !!»

Rob and Heather Kugler, $100 – April 7, 2019

Joseph Silber, $100 – April 7, 2019

Ruth Iczkovits, $100 – April 4, 2019

«Best of luck Tamara! Thanks for all that you do for the kids! Avi and Reitzu»

Anonymous, $50 – April 3, 2019

Karyn Saragossi Lassner, $100 – March 29, 2019

Marnie Zigman, $360 – March 29, 2019

JASON Mars, $100 – March 26, 2019

Lauren Applebaum, $50 – March 26, 2019

Tamara Arbeiter, $100 – March 26, 2019