NeoCardioLab - Dr Gabriel Altit

NeoCardioLab - Dr Gabriel Altit

The NeoCardioLab is set at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the MUHC-Research Institute and focuses on research and education centered on neonatal cardiovascular medicine. I am the principal investigator of the NeoCardioLab (Gabriel Altit). At the NeoCardioLab, we are interested in producing high quality research and educational material on neonatal cardiology and cardiovascular physiology. Since 2022, we also host a section of the website completely dedicated to our families in the neonatal intensive care unit. This section provides key material on developmental care, breastfeeding, as well as interviews with previous parents of the NICU. I have created this section with the help of other specialists in the NICU, but the creation of the website and the updates have been completely a personal project.

I am also providing educational tools for our local health care workers, as well as free and available solutions to the national and international community of health care workers. I have now created an application available on Iphone and Ipad (NeoCardioLab). On the application and the website, you can now find resources on heart ultrasound (echocardiography), physiology, research, fetal heart ultrasound and point of care ultrasound. These educational resources are being used by now 100s of health care workers and trainees all across the planet. Indeed, we have 100s of visitors every day. The creation of the content and of the applications / website has been entirely done by the NeoCardioLab team and is available free of charge! This whole work would not be possible without your support, the support of our incredible community and the work of many.

Our research projects and the growth of the NeoCardioLab and its resources need your help. Indeed, we would not be able to do what we are doing in terms of ground-breaking neonatal research, without the help of the Foundation. As such, with your support, we will be able to continue to do important research on the health of newborn’s heart, continue to create educational opportunities and allow to disseminate this knowledge to the scientific community and healthcare workers. Any contribution will count and thank you in advance for your support to our mission.

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Ivan Sierra, $50 – November 4, 2022

ANNIE Janvier, $200 – March 30, 2022

«Lâche pas Gabriel, les bébés et familles sont chanceux de t'avoir!»

Claude Arsenault, $100 – March 30, 2022

Avi Mergui, $100 – March 30, 2022

Michael-Andrew Assaad, $200 – March 30, 2022

«Continue doing amazing research to improve the cardiac health of babies ;)»

Michael Chriqui, Notaire Inc., $250 – March 30, 2022

Judith Obadia, $100 – March 29, 2022

«Keep up the great work!»