Marla Oringer

I am partnering with P.K. and helping him raise money for #PKSFWEEKMTL.

If you have received an email from me asking for Corporate Sponsorship for this new and exciting event celebrating "The Children's all week long" or you just want to help by supporting me personally for the Subban Galaxy Spin... your generosity will be felt by me and so many families who I will be riding for. Projects funded by P.K.’s Helping Hand help over 9,000 families a year.

Raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital has always been a priority for me since my children were very small. For families like mine who needed the medical care and support, I was always comforted knowing that the Montreal Children's Hospital was world class and the team of doctors and nurses were always supportive and there for me and my two boys Cory and Justin... who are now very grown up and living on their own!!

Your generosity will go directly to financial aid, medication, equipment and supplies, housing, parking, meal vouchers, gift cards, and so much more for those families who are in need of a bit of extra love and care during their family's health struggles.

Wishing you all an amazing summer and I appreciate all of the support!


Marla (Who is not really a spinner but I'm gonna do it anyways!)


Fred Friedberg, $25 – August 22, 2019

Paola Gatto, $25 – August 22, 2019

Anonymous, $2,500 – August 12, 2019