Lana Piliguian

I have often heard the saying: “You don't actually know what it feels like until it happens to you”. It is said about many things, good or bad... What it is to be in love, what it feels like to lose a parent, what it feels like to give birth, what it feels like to lose a job... I've often thought these are things only old people say, but have found myself saying it in the last few years... I guess I'm getting old!

Not being a parent, I will not pretend I know what it feels like to find out that something is seriously wrong with your child. It must be every parent’s nightmare.

I can however attest to being witness to what it did to my good friend and colleague Amanda last summer. She took her 4-year-old son, Josh, to the hospital. He had a pestering fever for a few days, what she believed was a minor infection, turned out to be a cancer diagnosis. Leukemia... And her whole world turned upside down. Often, when we speak, Amanda mentions that she doesn’t remember what life was like before August 24, 2018... This devastating news has completly changed her entire family’s lives.

Since then, instead of having fun in daycare, going to birthday parties or activities on the weekends and spending time at the park, Josh has been getting treatments at the Montreal Children's Hospital. Over the last 9 months, Josh has had to endure daily hospital visits for treatment, multiple overnight stays, 4 different phases of chemotherapy and countless other obstacles along the way.

There have been some good days, and some more challenging, but thanks to the doctors and nurses at the Hospital, a supporting family and friends, Josh will soon be in the maintenance phase of his treatment. It will be at least another 18 months before he completes the last phase of his treatment, but God willing the worst is behind him and there are better days ahead.

Which is why I felt it was important for everyone to know why I am participating to the SUBBAN GALAXY SPIN; an intimate party of riders spinning together through rhythm, sweat, and laughter, hosted by none other than PK himself.

I am doing it for the countless children who are faced with daily hospital visits, I am doing it to raise awareness, I am doing it for Amanda, but most of all I am doing it for Josh. He has been a trooper throughout this entire process.

I am reaching out to you to do the same... to make a difference and donate to the Montreal Childrens’ Hospital Foundation and support my ride with PK! I promise to share pics.

Please give generously – not only by funding my ride, but also with having Josh and all other children in your thoughts and prayers.




Faye Katsaros – July 26, 2019

«Good luck to you Lana, this is awesome!!»

Nora Gunjian, $100 – July 24, 2019

Anonymous, $250 – July 24, 2019

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Kiran Dhillon, $50 – June 12, 2019

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