Kai's Giving Back for the Holidays!

Kai's Giving Back for the Holidays!

It's the time of year again for the Holidays, where families get together, and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, for some families, they spend their days in the hospital with their children, supporting them each and every day.

We always wanted to teach Kai the value of giving back to the community, and this is one of many reasons why we've set this up.

The Montreal Children's Hospital has helped Kai in many ways, when he was sick in emergency, and were amazing with him taking his lab tests for bloods. The hospital will also be helping Kai in the near future through their immunization program for allergies.

Kai has severe food allergies to peanuts, fish, and eggs, and what the immunization program does is to reduce the reaction to these allergens by giving Kai small doses, until he becomes more immune to them and hopefully until the point where these allergens don't threaten his life. Living with allergies causes children not only to have anxiety about what they eat, but they also miss out on a lot of fun stuff. As parents, we are always vigilant, and make sure to read every single ingredient on food labels before we give anything to him. This type of program will not only make Kai feel safe, but it will also make us feel more reassured about his well-being. There are more and more cases of severe food allergies in children, and hopefully more research can be done to prevent it.

So for the holidays, we ask that you donate (whatever you wish), on behalf of Kai Mazur to the Montreal Children's Hospital. You're not only helping Kai, you're helping other children who need it.


Rouel Hidalgo, $30 – December 13, 2019

«Dear Kai-Kai,

We are so proud of what you're doing to help other kids! We can't wait for you and Jaxson to become leaders of the community :)!

Merry Christmas, we love you lots.

Ninong Bong, Ninang Kathlen, and Jax»

Pawel Mazur, $100 – December 9, 2019

«Thanks for taking care of our son!»