Jayden's 11th Birthday

Nothing is more important to me than the cause of children’s health. That’s why I’ve decided to raise funds to support The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Last year The Children’s treated over 230,000 kids, and its Emergency Department is one of the busiest in North America. If I can make life a little better for just a few of those children, it will be enough. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. Together we can make a difference.


Marc-André Blain, $250 – December 1, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden and cheers to Sonny!»

Elana Madejchuk – November 29, 2017

«Happy Belated Birthday, such an amazing gesture!»

Anonymous, $500 – November 19, 2017

«Happy birthday great job!»

Construction Eric Fiola, $400 – November 18, 2017

Dimitra Kafantaris, $100 – November 18, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden! Way to go donating for a great cause!! Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you!
George Nicholas»

Leticia Perez, $50 – November 18, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden , You are a great boy!, Eduardo and Andrea»

Tony Kwan, $50 – November 18, 2017

«Happy birthday Jayden! Your buddy Simon»

Stephanie Taylor Kalil – November 18, 2017

«Happy Birthday, Jayden!! Thank you for including Alexa and Daniella in this amazing party!!»

Dina Nouelati, $200 – November 18, 2017

Antonietta Nardi, $100 – November 18, 2017

«Happy 11th Birthday Jayden!! This is wonderful gift you are giving!
Love Bobby, Luciano and Antonietta xoxox»

Katherine Gervais, $75 – November 18, 2017

«Bonne fête Jayden , vraiment généreux de ta part

ton ami Nicolas Clément»

Andrew Papadopoulos, $100 – November 18, 2017

Kitty Sawhney, $100 – November 18, 2017

«Happyy Birthday Jayden,
Lots of love from Kiaan, Aryan, Hinda,Sarita and Kitty»

Anonymous, $150 – November 18, 2017


Happy 11th Birthday! We are so thrilled to be celebrating with you. Your party is always such a great event. Thanks for inviting us.

Benjamin, Sophia, Pam & Rob »

Antonella Piazza, $100 – November 17, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden! Wishing you a wonderful one!
Gianni La Rocca & Family»

Dhilan Joshi, $50 – November 17, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden!!»

Suraksha Joshi, $100 – November 17, 2017

Jessy Richer, $40 – November 17, 2017

«We are very proud of you for donating all your bday gift to the Montreal's Children Foundation and for your great team spirit at baseball past season!

Happy Bday Jayden!!!

From Jessy and his family»

Caroline Assaad, $75 – November 17, 2017

«Happy birthday Jayden enjoy ur day tomorrow »

Caroline Francoeur, $100 – November 16, 2017

«This is a very nice gesture on your part and we invite all our friends to follow in Jayden’s lead and donate to causes which are important to us and where we can make a difference.

Happy birthday!
- Emma Asselin»

Peggy Arruda, $75 – November 14, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden!
From Angelina»

Sanjay Singh, $100 – November 13, 2017

«Happy Birthday Jayden!

Matthieu Nicolas, $100 – November 12, 2017

«Bon anniversaire Jayden. C'est super généreux de ta part de d'offrir tes cadeaux à une si belle cause. Tu as un grand cœur, c'est génial. Continue comme cela !»