Eden Polansky

Dear Friends and Family –

The Montreal Children’s Hospital needs you.

As you read this letter there are many kids suffering from critical and chronic illness. There are many families burdened with the hardship of caring for a sick child; unexpected costs for equipment, prosthetics and medication not covered by the government, parking, meals and hotels for those parents who live out of town. The devastation of a sick child can be unbearable.

To help these kids and their families on every level, I am riding in the SUBBAN GALAXY SPIN benefiting PK’s Helping Hand Fund at the MCH. Please help me reach my goal of raising $2,500.00.

Your generosity will provide access to cutting-edge medical equipment and necessary medication that is crucial to their survival and comfort. I have chosen to join the SUBBAN GALAXY SPIN and raise necessary funds to ease the burden on parents. Let them focus on what is most important – helping their child to get well.

Let them know that they are not alone. Help get these kids home, where they belong.

PK Subban is a dedicated and wonderful ambassador for the kids, his genuine enthusiasm and concern for their well-being is extraordinary. As a community, with your support and donation, we welcome you to that honour as well. Let’s all give what we can to help out our local heroes – the children.

A huge heartfelt thank you for your kindness –



Heather Adelson Fund, $2,500 – April 1, 2019