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The Foundation

Thank you for helping The Children’s give young patients back their energy and return to their mischievous ways

This record breaking year was another emotionally-charged one. The Children’s large family once again mobilized and redoubled their efforts to support its medical experts, our everyday heroes, and to offer its young patients exceptional care.

While the new reality presented many challenges, it also led to some brilliant achievements that helped The Children's reach new heights. Yet again, the Hospital maintained its reputation as a world-class institution for pediatric care.

These achievements included the Brand of the Year award, for North America, for our Long Live Little Brats campaign, as well as exceptional media coverage for the Hospital and our innovative campaign projects, such as Le SPOT Montréal, one of the largest outpatient centres in Canada for teens in suicidal crisis. In addition, we are very proud of our new association with internationally renowned artists Charlotte Cardin and André-Philippe Gagnon.

We cannot say enough about our flagship events, which were most memorable. Our 25th annual Golf Tournament raised over $1,135,000, a record amount, thanks to the tremendous effort of the organizing committee and our generous donors. And our “Les tannants au volant” fundraising rally allowed participants to spend an unforgettable day with our dedicated spokesperson, P.K. Subban.

Despite the changing economy, the people of Greater Montreal supported our Little Brats Constellations campaign, to make The Children’s shine with a thousand lights during the Holidays and put the twinkle back in the eyes of our young patients.

All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all our donors, event organizers, partner foundations, sponsors, corporate partners, and valued Campaign Cabinet.

Thanks to your generosity, we can help sick children in Quebec return to their mischievous ways!


Renée Vézina


The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation
Renée Vézina
Chair, Board of Directors

Katrin Nakashima

Chair, Board of Directors

The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation
Katrin Nakashima

The Children’s

Again this year, innovation and solidarity prevailed

The past year was marked by significant moments of solidarity with our healthcare workers – our everyday heroes! Faced with a new reality, we are proud of the teams of The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) who adapted to many unprecedented challenges. Every day, they moved mountains for our young patients, providing exceptional family-centred care. Their tireless efforts would not have had the same impact, however, without our donors’ generosity. Their support of our specialists, research, teaching programs, and other projects allowed The Children’s to develop new and unexpected ways to heal.

In uncertain times, it is comforting to know our community is there to help the Hospital meet the highest standards of pediatric care, and attract and retain top specialists and researchers in rare and complex diseases. Thanks to our community, we can offer unique programs to help sick children in Quebec, such as child life services, complementary therapies and financial support for families in need, and purchase vital equipment for diagnostics and treatment.

On behalf of our young patients, their parents, and our healthcare teams, we express our deepest gratitude to every one who supported The Children’s. We also extend heartfelt appreciation to the leadership, staff and volunteers of The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation for their dedication and the inspiring changes they are making to transform the lives of children. Thank you all!

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Peter Kruyt

Chairman of the Board of Directors

McGill University Health Centre
President and Executive Director

Dr. Pierre Gfeller, MD, CM, MBA

President and Executive Director

McGill University Health Centre
Associate President and Executive Director

Ms. Martine Alfonso

Associate President and Executive Director

McGill University Health Centre

The Campaign Cabinet

Together to move mountains

This year, the world has faced new uncertainties with the pandemic. And while our society has been marked by change, the sick newborns, children, and teens were still provided with expert care at The Children’s when they needed it.

As the Honourary President of our major Unexpected Ways to Heal fundraising campaign, I am very proud to be a member of a dedicated team for whom the health of our children is not an option, but a priority.

As visionary philanthropists and business leaders, we have an important responsibility vis-à-vis young patients and their families. Together, let’s empower The Children’s and its highly specialized medical teams to continue to innovate and maintain excellence in care, research and teaching.

Thank you for your generosity and valuable support of this campaign, which will help get The Children’s young patients back on their feet.

The Honourable L. Yves Fortier, PC, CC, OQ, QC

The Honourable L. Yves Fortier, PC, CC, OQ, QC

Campaign Cabinet Honourary President
Finding Unexpected Ways to Heal

Finding Unexpected Ways to Heal

A historic fundraising campaign

April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2026

Fundraising campaign

$200M to help sick children return to their energetic selves

The Children’s Foundation launched a major $200-million fundraising initiative, the most ambitious pediatric fundraising goal in the history of Quebec, to finance innovation in clinical care, research and teaching at The Children’s. The funds will allow the Hospital to remain a world leader in cutting-edge care, and support the Child Health and Human Development Program of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), which, in 2022, ranked among the top three research institutes in Canada.

Some of the sickest kids in the province depend on the cutting-edge care they receive at The Children’s, renowned for the excellence of its medical teams and researchers from all over the world. And we are confident this campaign will allow us to find Unexpected Ways to Heal and help young patients be their energetic selves again. Because, at The Children’s, we prefer our kids to be spirited, even a little bratty – anything but sick.



As Quebec's first pediatric hospital, The Children's is a leader in providing a broad spectrum of highly specialized care to newborns, children and adolescents.



Human touch is in The Children’s DNA. Representing a modern Quebec, the Hospital is a world leader setting the standard for patient and family-centered care.



The Children’s covers 63% of the province and speak 47 languages. Affiliated with McGill University for 115 years, the Hospital provides cutting-edge care to families in Quebec, from the Outaouais to the Great North.

Our big projects

Innovation is the key to progress, and The Children’s is uniquely positioned to make new breakthroughs, set new standards in pediatric care and move mountains. Thanks to contributions from our invaluable partners, sponsors and major donors, we can launch these unique and innovative projects. To implement them, we have the best minds in the world and the solid reputation of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, the best in Canada.

New hope for teens in crisis New hope for teens in crisis New hope for teens in crisis

Le SPOT Montréal

New hope for teens in crisis

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The Children’s Foundation raised $12 million for Le SPOT Montréal, The Children's Specialized Centre for...

New hope for teens in crisis
New hope for teens in crisis
New hope for teens in crisis

Le SPOT Montréal

New hope for teens in crisis

The Children’s Foundation raised $12 million for Le SPOT Montréal, The Children's Specialized Centre for Adolescent Mental Health, thanks to the exceptional support of 18+ donors. The RBC Foundation and the Amiel Family Foundation each contributed $2 million.

An invaluable resource for teens in suicidal crisis and their families, Le SPOT Montréal opened its doors in March 2022. Through specific therapies and workshops, 500 to 600 teens per year will develop the social, emotional and interpersonal skills they need to function in their daily environment.

A Quebec First, this vital project funded and completed in only 6 months clearly demonstrating that the mental health of young people is a priority at The Children’s.

The Children’s research goes to space The Children’s research goes to space The Children’s research goes to space

Sleep Centre of Excellence

The Children’s research goes to space

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Did you know that one in 3 children have trouble either falling or staying asleep. Yet, sleep is the building block...

The Children’s research goes to space
The Children’s research goes to space
The Children’s research goes to space

Sleep Centre of Excellence

The Children’s research goes to space

Did you know that one in 3 children have trouble either falling or staying asleep. Yet, sleep is the building block for healthy brain development. To help our young patients with complex sleep disorders, our donors helped optimize care through The Children’s Sleep Centre of Excellence.

Their support will allow Dr. Evelyn Constantin, Director of the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Service and Senior Research Clinician at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, and her team to treat more patients and increase research activities on sleep disorders in children.

To this end, The Children's research went to space, thanks to Mark Pathy, who was part of the first private mission to the International Space Station and is a member of The Children’s Foundation’s Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet. The results observed on sleep and the microbiome will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of thousands of children.

Intermediate-Complexity Coordination and Navigation (I-CCAN) Service

Intermediate-Complexity Coordination and Navigation (I-CCAN) Service

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For families of sick children, navigating the health care system can be overwhelming, especially when children have...

Intermediate-Complexity Coordination and Navigation (I-CCAN) Service

Intermediate-Complexity Coordination and Navigation (I-CCAN) Service

For families of sick children, navigating the health care system can be overwhelming, especially when children have complex needs and are being cared for by multiple medical professionals. 40% of The Children’s young patients are seen by up to 16 medical professionals from 6 different specialties. For parents, coordinating care both at the hospital and in the community is a full time job.

But thanks to the support of our golf tournament’s organizing committee, Opération Enfant Soleil, and other generous donors, the Hospital’s Intermediate-Complexity Coordination and Navigation (I-CCAN) Service can now help coordinate the care for young patients so that parents can focus on what is most important:  ensuring their child has the best quality of life possible.

Liquid biopsies, a breakthrough!

Liquid biopsies, a breakthrough!

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Painful biopsies for children with cancer could soon be a thing of the past.  Research on exosomes, which are the...

Liquid biopsies, a breakthrough!

Liquid biopsies, a breakthrough!

Painful biopsies for children with cancer could soon be a thing of the past.  Research on exosomes, which are the biomarkers of the future, mean that cancerous tumours and their behaviour will soon be able to be identified through a simple blood test. This valuable research is made possible in part by the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, through their pledge of $5.3 million to support this groundbreaking research at The Children's.

This will this allow cancer to be diagnosed earlier and treated more effectively, and will also allow medical experts to better treat tumours located in areas of the body that are too lifethreatening to biopsy. . This research, which provides new hope for patients and their families, will serve as a model for pediatric hospitals around the world.

Your support helps us give our 110%

This year, after many months away, I was able to return to my second home, Montreal, to visit my friends at The Children’s and lend a helping hand to the Les tannants au volant car rally, which raised over $300,000. I was reminded of the importance of our support over the past six years. I am so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together, but we still have work to do! To all the donors who teamed up with the P.K. Subban Foundation to help change the game, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are making a real difference in the lives of sick children and their families, and the dedicated hospital professionals who care for them. Their needs are growing and The Children’s is looking to us to continue our support. Let’s stay committed to helping young patients regain their fighting spirit.

Your support helps us give our 110%
Your support helps us give our 110%
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Welcome to our new ambassadors!

Welcome, André-Philippe Gagnon

Welcome, André-Philippe Gagnon

André-Philippe Gagnon, an artist bursting with talent and energy, joined The Children’s family as an ambassador for the Foundation. This year, the man of a 1000 voices entertain donors at various fundraising events, including the Les Tannants au volant fundraising rally and the annual Golf Tournament. The impressionist also helped raise awareness about our Long Live Little Brats campaign in a unique video with Séanne, one of our young patients. We are thrilled to have André-Philippe join our team to help sick children return to their mischievous ways.
Charlotte Cardin is The Children’s Foundation’s new “Main Girl”

Charlotte Cardin is The Children’s Foundation’s new “Main Girl”

After supporting The Children’s Le SPOT Montréal, a specialized mental-health centre for adolescents in suicidal crisis, the internationally renowned singer-songwriter is now helping spread awareness about The Children’s and its young patients. As the Foundation’s new ambassador, Charlotte is lending her talent to the Hospital and help sick children in Quebec return to their mischievous ways. We are grateful for this wonderful partnership with the Queen of the Juno Awards.

A community in action

The Caring for Kids Radiothon The Caring for Kids Radiothon The Caring for Kids Radiothon

The Caring for Kids Radiothon

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The Caring for Kids Radiothon, in partnership with CJAD 800, 95.9 Virgin Radio, CHOM 97 7 and TSN Radio 690, raised...

The Caring for Kids Radiothon
The Caring for Kids Radiothon
The Caring for Kids Radiothon

The Caring for Kids Radiothon

The Caring for Kids Radiothon, in partnership with CJAD 800, 95.9 Virgin Radio, CHOM 97 7 and TSN Radio 690, raised an impressive $1,321,603 for The Children’s.

Live on air from outside the Hospital’s P.K. Subban Atrium, in compliance with health measures in force, 21 young patients and their parents generously shared their personal stories of courage and resilience. The families wished to express, in person, their gratitude to The Children’s caring professionals and the exceptional care provided at the Hospital.

For their valuable support, we thank the Bell Media radio stations, our phone-bank partner Dormez-vous and our Miracle Hour sponsors: Larente Baksh & Associates at TD Wealth, Otsuka, Revolution Textiles & Home Décor, Rio Tinto, SNC-Lavalin, The Tenaquip Foundation and Traffic Tech.

The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament

The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament

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A record $1,135,700 raised at our 25th annual Golf Tournament, held at the prestigious Royal Montreal Golf...

The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament
The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament
The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament

The 25th MCHF Annual Golf Tournament

A record $1,135,700 raised at our 25th annual Golf Tournament, held at the prestigious Royal Montreal Golf Club, brought new hope to thousands of families who depend on world-class care at The Children’s, thanks to the generosity of donors.

On Monday, September 13, leaders from the Montreal business community gathered for one of the most anticipated philanthropic traditions of the year. It was terrific day for golf and networking in support of a worthy cause.

We want to thank the Tournament’s President of Honour Deep Khosla, the organizing committee, presided by Mark Pathy, and a generous anonymous donor who contributed to the success of the event, helping sick children in Quebec get back to their energetic selves.

Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally

Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally

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With P.K. Subban as the guest of honour and André-Philippe Gagnon as ambassador of the Foundation, our first...

Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally
Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally
Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally

Les tannants au volant Fundraising Rally

With P.K. Subban as the guest of honour and André-Philippe Gagnon as ambassador of the Foundation, our first Les tannants au volant fundraising rally was a roaring success!

The very first edition of this charity event, held on August 27, 2021, raised $300,000 to help sick newborns, children, teens, and pregnant mums and their babies receive high-quality care at The Children’s.

Thank you to our sponsors: Pfizer, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, RBC Royal Bank, Plan A and Desjardins.

Pedal for Kids Pedal for Kids Pedal for Kids

Pedal for Kids

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The 30th edition of Pedal for Kids raised over $300,000 to help our young patients return to their...

Pedal for Kids
Pedal for Kids
Pedal for Kids

Pedal for Kids

The 30th edition of Pedal for Kids raised over $300,000 to help our young patients return to their energetic selves!

On the week of September 20, 2021, 420 participants pedalled their hearts out as they propelled the 30-seat Mighty Bike around Montreal’s downtown core to help patients like Evan. The 6-year-old ambassador and hero of the event, who has triumphed over 3 open-heart surgeries, motivated cyclists!

Over the past 30 years, the event has raised more than $13 M thanks to the support of donors, giving thousands of sick children and their families a chance to beat the odds.

Breakfast with Leaders Breakfast with Leaders Breakfast with Leaders

Breakfast with Leaders

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Over $36,000 for Breakfast with Leaders, a unique networking breakfast at the Humaniti Hotel Montreal.

Held in...

Breakfast with Leaders
Breakfast with Leaders
Breakfast with Leaders

Breakfast with Leaders

Over $36,000 for Breakfast with Leaders, a unique networking breakfast at the Humaniti Hotel Montreal.

Held in November 2021, in-person and virtually, the 6th edition of Déjeun’aide raised over $36,000 for The Children’s young patients! Nearly one hundred students and young professionals met with leaders from various sectors such as finance, business, law, marketing, and science, and were offered a glimpse of the pandemic’s impact on our businesses. Déjeun’aide is organized by a volunteer committee operating under the umbrella of the Young Leaders Circle. Since its inception, Déjeun’aide has raised more than $240,000 for priority Hospital projects, including the Febrile Young Infant Research Program led by Dr. Brett Burstein.

2021 Awards of Excellence

2021 Awards of Excellence

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It is with pride and gratitude that the Foundation presented its 23rd Awards of Excellence to Hospital...

2021 Awards of Excellence

2021 Awards of Excellence

It is with pride and gratitude that the Foundation presented its 23rd Awards of Excellence to Hospital staff who every day help The Children’s find Unexpected Ways to Heal.

The virtual Awards of Excellence ceremony, held in October 2021, celebrated the honourees’ exceptional work in going above and beyond each day for our patients to help them get back on their feet.

Congratulations to the recipients for this well-deserved honor: Maia Aziz, Dr. Margaret Berry, Mary Pauline Espinosa, Dr. Indra Gupta, Bernard Riel and the Hospital's Complex Care Service Team.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued partners, National Bank, Pfizer Canada and TD Bank Group, for making these awards possible.

Creative Sale Events

Creative Sale Events

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Faced with a new reality, many event organizers found new and fun ways to connect with the community, all to help The...

Creative Sale Events

Creative Sale Events

Faced with a new reality, many event organizers found new and fun ways to connect with the community, all to help The Children’s young patients and their parents who need our support. The Spencer Julius Landau Little Warrior Endowment Fund, the Liam Foundation, PaySafe, Monarch Specialties and many other dedicated volunteer groups successfully organized sales of unique items and furniture, among others. Their continued commitment, along with their supporters’ participation, is a testament of the community’s unwavering generosity. Thank you!

Community Events in Support of The Children’s Community Events in Support of The Children’s

Community Events in Support of The Children’s

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Again this year, our community fundraisers found creative ways to help families at The Children’s. Many...

Community Events in Support of The Children’s
Community Events in Support of The Children’s

Community Events in Support of The Children’s

Again this year, our community fundraisers found creative ways to help families at The Children’s. Many unforgettable events and activities were safely organized to help fund the Hospital’s urgent priorities. Initiatives such as coffee stands on the McGill campus, trivia nights hosted by MCHAM, the 30th annual Westmount Old Timers Hockey Tournament, the ICAO charity campaign, the cocktail party by the water with Les amis du Lac Memphrémagog, and the 401 Bike Challenge from Toronto to Montreal were among the highlights. Thank you all for your tireless efforts to help sick children in Quebec get back on their feet!

Financial statements

Period from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022

A Record Year

We are stronger together. This was proven more than ever this fiscal year, as our donors and partners went above-and-beyond during this life-altering pandemic. Your continued commitment and support allowed us to raise a record $35.5M in donations. Your generosity was a significant endorsement of The Children’s and its outstanding medical professionals, who help young patients return to their mischievous ways.

This year was unprecedented for major gifts, with generous individual and estate gifts increasing by $6.3M over the previous year. The Foundation received several donations and bequests of $1M or more for clinical care, research and teaching. These funds will finance innovative projects in the Foundation’s $200 million campaign to help The Children’s find Unexpected Ways to Heal.

Our partner foundations gave special meaning to the word “partner.” Recognizing that the needs of our young patients and families were greater than ever, they increased their collective commitment to The Children’s by over $4.8M than the previous year.

Over the course of the year, our event organizers, volunteers and Foundation staff found creative ways to continue to fundraise. In addition, the Foundation’s Golf Tournament raised a record $1.16M. Each event, endeavour and donation helped meet the Hospital’s most urgent needs.

For the year ended March 31, 2022, net investment income was $5.6M. However, markets continue to be very volatile reflecting economic instability due to COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.

In the past year, the Foundation contributed $19.9 M to The Children’s. Of that amount, the Hospital used $8.7M (44%) to finance research and provide academic support, $1.1M (6%) served to purchase equipment, $5.83M (29%) was allocated to urgent priorities and $4.25M (21%) went to existing commitments to build the new Hospital. 

We are extremely grateful for your generous support and contributing to a record year in fundraising.  Thank you for helping The Children’s give its young patients back their fighting spirit.

Krista Robinson

Krista Robinson

Krista Robinson

Financial Highlights

For the 12-month period ending March 31, 2022





Interest, dividends and mutual fund distributions (net)
Government Subsidy
Total Revenues
Excess of Revenues over Expenses before Contributions and change in fair value of investments
Expense to revenue ratio
Change in fair value of Investments
Excess of revenues over expenses

Contributions to The Montreal Children’s Hospital

Total: $17.78M (100%)
Total: $19.87M (100%)
Research Funding and Academic Support
Instalment for New Hospital
Other Priorities

$8.7 M

Research Funding and Academic Support

  • Scholarships, fellowships and start-up research funding to develop the next generation of pediatric clinicians and researchers

  • Cutting-edge research in wireless monitoring of babies, neonatology, endocrinology and metabolism, nephrology, mental health, pediatric cancer, cystic fibrosis, asthma, epilepsy and leukodystrophies

$1.09 M


  • Specialized medical equipment, including otoscopes for otolaryngology (ENT), endoscopes, a refractor system for surgery, a Tremoflo and iStat monitor for respiratory medicine, vein viewers, scales for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and an ultrasound probe for the Emergency Department

$4.25 M

Instalment for New Hospital

  • Our share of the 10-year commitment towards the new Glen Site building

$5.83 M

Other Priorities

  • Opening of a new off-site mental health clinic for young people in psychological distress

  • Specialized surgical and pediatric services such as the craniofacial program, complex pain centre, and family-based treatment for patients with eating disorders

  • Child life programs including music therapy, parental presence in induction, pet therapy, Dr. Clown and ongoing activities to help normalize hospitalization for young patients

  • Trauma and injury prevention program

  • Support for families treated in cardiology, hematology-oncology, complex care, and respiratory medicine who are faced with financial challenged due to their child’s illness

Impact of your donations

Meet three patients you’ve helped get back on their feet


Lylia was only 10 days old when she started chemotherapy treatments. She was born with a congenital neuroblastoma, a very rare occurrence, and needed one of her parents to be by her side 24 hours a day. Thanks to your generosity, the family got help from The Children’s Social Services. After receiving more chemo, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and a stem cell transplant – talk about a fighting start to life – she is fortunately doing well now.


Philippe was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the long bones. As an avid hockey player, he focused on one thing: avoiding having his leg amputated. In addition to his chemo treatments, Philippe did have to undergo surgery to remove his femur, replace it with a prosthesis, and learn to walk again. But now, after a year-long battle, Philippe is cancer free! Today, he is focused on regaining strength in his leg so he can walk his buddy, Jax.


Séanne, a bouncy kid, was diagnosed at 5 years old with stage 4 liver cancer, which had spread to her lungs. She had radiation therapy, underwent chemo, and had two operations, which saved her life. She even had to have 70% of her liver removed! After battling hard for over a year, Séanne is now back to her energetic self, being a little mischievous again. A sign that she is in good health, as we all know that a bratty kid is a healthy kid!
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Our volunteers and donors: A heartfelt thank you!

Board of directors

As of March 31, 2022

Katrin Nakashima 
Chairperson of the Board
Director of not-for-profit organizations and Attorney

François Laurin
Co-Vice-Chair of the Board

Pierre Simard
Co-Vice-Chair of the Board
President and Managing Partner
Champlain Financial Corporation (Canada) Inc.

Melissa Sonberg

Krista Robinson
Partner, Tax Services
Ernst & Young

Renée Vézina
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation


Martine Alfonso
Associate President and Executive Director
McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Grégoire Baillargeon
Co-Head BMO Capital Markets, Québec and incoming President, BMO Financial Group, Quebec

André Beaulieu
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Services
Bell Canada

Claude Bédard 
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

Lucie Blanchet
Executive Vice-President, Personal Banking and Marketing
National Bank

Ani Castonguay
Executive Vice-President, Public Affairs

Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer
Dorothy Williams and Dr. H. Bruce Williams Chair, Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Surgeon-in-Chief
Montreal Children’s Hospital/MUHC
Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology and Surgery, McGill University  

Dr. Bethany Foster, MD, MSCE, FRCPC
Pediatrician-in-Chief, Montreal Children’s Hospital
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
McGill University

Dr. Martin Gignac
Chief of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
Montreal Children’s Hospital
MUHC Chair of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Division
Associate Professor
McGill University

Dr. Indra Gupta
Deputy Executive Director/Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, RI-MUHC
Head of Child Health Research at the MCH/MUHC (interim)

Norman E. Hébert
President & CEO
Groupe Park Avenue Inc.

Marc Larente
Senior Vice-President, Investment Advisor
Larente Baksh & Associates Team, TD Wealth Montreal

Élyse Léger
Vice-President, Investment Counsellor
Fiera Capital Corporation

John W. Leopold 
Senior Partner, Corporate group
Stikeman Elliott LLP

Isabelle Marcoux
Chair of the Board
Transcontinental Inc.

Dario Mazzarello
Managing Director, Head of International Institutional & Private Wealth Management
Jarislowsky Fraser

Richard Pan
Vice-President and Head of Corporate Finance
Power Corporation

Mark Pathy
CEO & Chairman
Mavrik Corp.

Sara J. Price
J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Greg Rokos
ESI Information Technologies Inc.

P.K. Subban
Executive Director
P.K. Subban Foundation

Campaign Cabinet

Honourary President

The Honourable
L. Yves Fortier


Jean-Philippe Lemay
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fiera Capital

Isabelle Marcoux, C.M.
Chair of the Board
Transcontinental Inc.

Jean Raby
Odyssey Acquisition

Kim Thomassin
Executive Vice-President and Head of Québec
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

Jonathan Wener, C.M.

Darryl White
Chief Executive Officer
BMO Financial Group

Cabinet Members

Abe Adham
Head, Investment Banking, Quebec
TD Securities

Jonathan Amiel
Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliance

Helen Antoniou
Executive Coach
ELENICO Consulting Group

Andrew Arnovitz
Senior Vice-President  ̶  Investor Relations and Enterprise Risk Management

Grégoire Baillargeon
Co-Head BMO Capital Markets, Québec
and incoming President, BMO Financial Group, Quebec

Perry Britton
President & CEO
Britton Electric

Marie-Chantal Côté
Senior Vice-President, Group Benefits
Sun Life Canada

Louis Duchesne
Quebec and East

Dr. Sheldon Elman
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Medisys Health Group

Sean Finn
Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services & Chief Legal Officer

Dr. Pierre Gfeller
President and Executive Director
McGill University Health Centre

Julie Godin
Co-Chair of the Board, Executive Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development

Monique Gravel
Chief Executive Officer
Claret Asset Management

Norman E. Hébert
President & CEO
Groupe Park Avenue Inc.

Jim Hewitt
Hewitt Group Inc.
Hewitt Foundation

Stephen Kaplan
Reliance Construction Group

David Laidley
Birks Family Foundation

Alexandre Le Bouthillier
Board Member
of Mila, IVADO, MEDTEQ+, Montréal InVivo

Frédéric Loiselle
Co-Founder & Partner
Thrust Capital Partners

Luc Maurice
President & Founder
Le Groupe Maurice

Nathalie Nahmiash
Senior Vice-President, Planning & Development
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Katrin Nakashima
Director of not-for-profit organizations & Attorney, Board Chair
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Luc Ouellet
Managing Director & Head, Corporate and Investment Banking, Quebec

Richard Pan
Vice-President & Head of Corporate Finance
Power Corporation

Mark Pathy
CEO & Chairman
Mavrik Corp.

Jean Raymond
Vice-Chairman, Managing Director & Head of Capital Markets CIBC – Quebec
CIBC World Markets Inc.

Richard J. Renaud, C.M.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
TNG Corporation Inc.

Nadine Renaud-Tinker
Regional President
RBC Royal Bank – Quebec

Greg Rokos
President & CEO
ESI Technologies

Pierre Simard
President & Managing Partner
Champlain Financial Corporation (Canada) Inc.

P.K. Subban
President & CEO
P.K. Subban Foundation

Louis Vachon
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bank,
and Operating Partner, J.C. Flowers & Co.

Renée Vézina
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Management Team

Renée Vézina

Nathalie Nahmiash
Senior Vice-President, Planning and Development

Kim Fraser
Vice-President, Marketing, Communications & Community Relations

Hugo Rivard-Royer
Vice-President, Operations


Children’s Circle of Care

Individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations who generously donate $10,000 or more are members of the Children’s Circle of Care. Members of the Royal Circle are honoured for their cumulative contributions of $1 million or more to The Children’s since 1995, when the Children’s Circle of Care was established at The Children’s Foundation.


Royal Circle

The Amiel Foundation
Donald Berman Foundation
The Cole Foundation
Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu
The Louise & Alan Edwards Foundation
Fast Foundation
Hewitt Foundation
The Krieble Foundation
The Lassner Family
Gustav Levinschi Foundation
McConnell Foundation
The Rossy Foundation
Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation
Thistledown Foundation
J. Sebastian & Ghislaine van Berkom
We Love You Connie Foundation
Eric T. Webster Foundation
2 anonymous donors


$100,000 and over

The Adair Family Foundation
David & Trudi Berger
Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon
The Dan Charron Family
David Coady
Fondation Courtois
Deep Khosla
Dre Chandra Magill & M. Jamieson Hoover
The Molson Foundation
Jessica & Mark Pathy
The Alan and Roula Rossy Family Foundation
Leonard Sanders
P.K. Subban
Marjorie & A. Scott Taylor
The Tenaquip Foundation
The family of Sarah Michelle Unger
En l’honneur de Marie-Caroline Dutton-Godard


$50,000 – $99,999

The Birks Family Foundation
Joseph & Carmela Broccolini
Dalfen Family Foundation
Robert & Louise Elvidge
Fondation Famille Michel Fournelle
Fondation Famille Godin
Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin
Monique E.M. Gravel & Alain Chung
Saryl & Stephen Gross Family Foundation
Marika Ann Jarislowsky & Marten Evertt
The Dr. Louis G. Johnson Foundation
Scott B. & Sophie Jones
Annette Majnemer & Michael J. Shevell
Dominic Monaco
Ram & Durga Panda & Family
Dr. David S. Rosenblatt & Mrs. Linda Rosenblatt
Leslie Silver & Laurent Ferreira
Pierre Simard & Nancy Spafford
2 anonymous donors


$10,000 – $49,999

Felicia & Arnold Aaron Foundation
Agat Foundation
The Leonard Albert Family Foundation
Danny Ardellini
Brian Arnott
Leonard T. Assaly Family Foundation
Fondation Edward Assh
Cynthia Scott Aucoin & Jean Aucoin
The Aune Foundation
John & Kelly Ayres
Albert & Florence Aziz Family Foundation
Vanessa Barfod & Michael Bitensky
Virginio Basile & Maria Paventi
Angie & Ross Bayus
Marc L. Belcourt
Tom Berry
Hyman & Joan Bloom
Fondation Sandra & Alain Bouchard
Lise Bourassa
Gerald Brady
Claudine & Stephen R. Bronfman Family Foundation
Barry Cameron & Roberta Rassenti
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
Alain Carrier
Marco Ceccarelli & Geneviève Paquette
Alexandra & Marc A. Courtois
Benjamin & Andrea Dalfen
In honour of Louis Gabriel Danré
Richard Darveau
A. Jean de Grandpré
John DeSanti
Pina & Gabriel Di Miele
Pasquale Di Pierro
Dr Daniel Dion & Dr. Maral Nora Kanadjian
The Late Alexander Dobrea
Mina Drimaropoulos
David Druker
Christos & Sandra Farfaras
Nick Feldman
Sean Finn & Nicole D. Bélanger
L. Yves Fortier & Carol Fortier
Fondation Lise et Richard Fortin
Guy Fortin
Fondation Jacques Francoeur
John F. Fraser
Frisia Foundation
Christian Gamache & Michèle Soucy
Richard Gamache & Carole Simpson
Serge Gamache & Sonia Laplante
Mitchell Garber & Anne-Marie Boucher
Owen Gibbons & Annie Duguay
Mary Goodleaf Martin
The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation
The Catherine Griffin Foundation
Daniel Gurman
Richard M. Hart
The Hay Foundation
Diane & Norman E. Hébert, Jr.
Peter & Amy Howick
Clément Hudon
Didar & Shirin Husain
Tony & Betty Infilise Family Foundation
Dre Annie Janvier
Milan Jirava
Mohammed Kanwal Family Foundation
Bryan & Lauren Kaplan
Howard & Rebecca Klein
Nikolas Klimis
Ronith Kolber
Saul Kolomeir
Fondation Guy Laliberté
Denise Lampron Ricard
François Laurin & Ingrid Heck
Fondation Famille Léger
The LeMessurier Foundation
Stéphane Longval
Enza Luca & Sergio De Rango
Beverly and Maurice Lun Charitable Foundation
M.S.H. Foundation
Edna & Victor Mashaal
The late Charles B. Matheson & Anne Matheson
Martha & Nicolas Matossian
Barbara & Bernard Matte
Dario Mazzarello & Marina Martelli
John McCall MacBain
Adam & Grazyna H. Murawski
Katrin Nakashima & Doron Altman
Franco & Rosemary Niro
Randall Oka & Annie Grégoire
Donald Olds & Ofra Aslan
Sophie Palmer & Kelly Patrick
Sunil Panray & Conchita Gonzalez
Deborah Parker
Robbie Peck & Randi Kupfert
Martin Pereira
Cheryl Polansky
Mr. Alexandru Popa & Ms. Raluca Bogescu
Stephen R. Potten
Jonathan Poulin & Jimena Restrepo
Sara J. Price
Kate & Norman Raschkowan
Hilary M. Pearson & Michael J. Sabia
Michael Sanders
Sam Scalia & Diana Ferrara
Stéphanie Sigouin & Philippe Ferland
Dr. Catherine Ruth Salomon Scherzer & Dr. Peter Scherzer
Noah & Ronit Stern
Richard & Marnie Stern
Sharon Stern
La Fondation de bienfaisance T.A. St-Germain
Fondation St-Germain Kavanagh
Dora Knez & John Stix
Richard Taylor
Dr. Sophia Tchervenkov & Dr. Christo I. Tchervenkov
Marc Thériault & Geneviève Bouthillier
George Tiritidis
Jeffrey S.D. Tory & Anik Lanthier
Mr. Brian Trottenberg & Dr. Leonora Lalla
Kerrigan H. Turner
The Anna & Louis Viglione Foundation
Ryan Wilner & Dinah Weldon
Mr. William H. Wilson
Stan & Vicki Zack
Zeller Family Foundation
13 anonymous donors

Leadership Circle

The needs of a pediatric teaching hospital are numerous and varied. We thank the members of the Leadership Circle for their gifts of $1,000 to $9,999, which help The Children’s fulfill its mission of providing specialized medical care, pursuing cutting-edge research and teaching the next generation of physicians.


$5,000 – $9,999

The Celia & Zave Aberman Foundation
Mr. Mark Ajersch & Dr. Kathryn Sun
Stephen Allatt
Dr. Louise T. Auger & Mr. Abdullatif Al-Bader
Guillaume Beaudry & Aimie Bergeron
Randall Birks
The Honourable Charles R. Bronfman
Emmanuel Cammisano
Ani Castonguay & Patrick Knight
Donal Corkum
David Crevier & Leslie Bronstetter
Deborah Cutler
Harrison & Eleanor Cutler
Anthea Dawson & Jeremy Oldland
Jean-François de Grandpré
Marc de Grandpré
Amanda Debruyn
Francois Denault
Robert Wallace Denver & Louise Toupin
Nektarios Diamantopoulos & Sandra Belisle
Dianne & David Dixon
Ghenima Djellout
Rhonda Dollinger & Robert Levine
Richard & Rosaria Donato
The Late Brian P. Drummond
Yvan Dupont
Dr. Sherif Emil & Mrs. Marie Demian
Jacques Foisy & Chantal Bernier
Gisèle Fournier
Anita & Rony Gabbay
Martha F. Hallward
Samir Hanna
Claude & Penina Helwani
William Hum & Wendy Tran
Gretta Ibrahim & Dr Charbrel El Kosseifi
Sheila & Stan Jablonski
Yasmine Khalil
Tasso Kostelidis & Litsa Papaevangelou
George & Terry Landau
Joanne & John W. Leopold
Miles A. & Corine Leutner
La Fondation Libermont
Earl & Caroline Luger
Joseph Macchiagodena
J. Barry MacDonald
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Macklan
John & Louise Mancuso
Jean-Michel Marcotte-Tremblay & Krystal Viera
Peter Martin & Hélène Lalonde
Allison & Neil Matheson
Robert & June McMartin
Lucine & Anthony Merakian
Steven Mitchell
Caterina Monticciolo & Franco Cianci
Jean & Jocelyne Monty
Anastasia K. Nakis
Barbara Oberleitner & Jamie Bonnell
Marie-Yvonne Paint
Richard Pilosof
Richard & Annamaria Pinchuk
Claudia & Gary Polachek
Brigitte & Dominic Potenza
Jeffrey Puritt
Ahsan Majeed Qureshi & Nadia Ahsan
Robert Lewis Raich & Marlene Gilfix-Raich
Josée Rémillard
Krista Robinson
Greg Rokos
Claire Saad & Benoit Sauriol
James Sadovia
George Saltos & Christina Mallios
Lisa & Allan Schouela
Michelle Setlakwe & Michael Fortier
Dr. Robbie Shear & Mr. Gary Silverman
Guthrie J. Stewart & Sarah E. Ivory
Marc Tremblay & Julie Sylvestre
Pascal Tremblay & Anik Chamberland
Adam Turner & Catherine Melling Turner
John Vasilakos
Paul-Emile Vézina
Carolyn Vogelesang & Robert Dancik
Natalie Voland & Stephane E. Bismuth
Wendy & Gary Wechsler
Sam Hornstein & Merle Wertheimer
Dr. Blair Newell Whittemore
Bethany & David Harris Williams
Alex Wilson
Mary Ann & John Wintoniak
Howard Wiseman
Murray & Hainya Wiseman
Francine & Robert Wiseman
Xiao Hong Wu
Maria & Alex Zammit
8 anonymous donors


$1,000 – $4,999

Margot Adair
Jocelyn Adam
Anastasia Adamakis & John Deoudes
Karine & Eliot Ahdoot
Sylvia Aikins
Alexandre Ajami & Julie Roy
Giuseppina Alacchi
Fakhruddin Alamy
Muriel Alexander & Alfred Alexander, Jr.
Olga Aleynikova
Ammar & Mawish Ali
Anthony Alimbertis
Stephen & Barbara Allatt
Karla Alper-Lach & Steven Lach
Michel Amyot
Andreas Anastassopoulos & Catherine Constantinidis
Karen A. Lee Anderson & Tim Anderson
Dimitrios B. Antonopoulos
Bernard Anzarouth & Cindy Morantz
Martin-Luc Archambault & Riana Joan Terreri
Chris Arsenault
Evik Asatoorian
Dr. Yara Asbar
Jean-Pierre Asselin & Caroline Francoeur
Jonathan Atwill-Morin
The Yves Auclair Family
Jacques Auger
Michel Auger
Sharon & Glenn Awada
Gabriel Azancot
Umberto Delucilla & Anna Badia
Anna Baggio
Christine & Graham E. Bagnall
Dr. David Baker
Diane & Christopher Bale
Laurent Barbé & Chantal Raymond
Harald Barfod
Dr. Jeffrey Barkun & Mrs. Susan Morgan
Ann & Donald M. Barnes
Patricia Barry & Pierre Barbeau
Niladri Basu
Andrew & Andrea Battah
Abdolkhalegh Bayati & Nikoo Zolfaghar Karahroodi
Alexander Bayus & Sabrina Spezio
René Beaulac
James Matthew & Courtney Beckerleg
Julie & Claude Bédard
Daniel Bédard
Mathieu Bédard
Nicole Bélanger
Robert P. Bélanger
Real Junior Belisle
Dr. Lorraine Ellen Bell & Mr. Ralph Thompson
Dr. Mimi M. Belmonte
Diana & W. John Bennett
David Bensadoun & Isabelle Poirier-Bensadoun
Jennifer Bent
Richard Bentley
Raymonde Bergeron & Paul Étienne Lavoie
Christina Berkers
Vera & Roberto Berloni
Robert Bermingham
Pénélope Bernier
Dr. Gianluca Bertolizio
Renny Bettan
Ann Birks
Genevieve Biron
Antoine Bisson-McLeron
Joanne Bissonnette
Maja & Peter Blaikie
Robert Blaise
Lucie Blanchet
Cristina Boccardi & John Ortika
Fondation Julie-Boileau
Philippe Boisclair
Emilien & Gisele Bolduc
William Bonnell & Kari Cullen
John Derek Booth
Luc Bornais & Édith Pilon
David Boucher
Madame Yves Boucher
Deborah Hesson & Michael T. Boychuk, F.C.A.
Peter Boyko
Eric Brat
Domenic Bravi
Kathryn & David Brereton
Doug & Kathryn Brice
Pen & John H. Bridgman
Gilles Brouillard & Lyne Sheridan
Judith Brown
Cristoforo Brunetti
Michael Bucci
Sébastien Buisson
Rita Burns
Eric Bussieres
Aude Cadieux Leblanc
Adamo Cafagno
Philippe Campbell
Lawrence P. Cannon
Audrey-Ann Cantwell
Conrad & Denise Cape
Marion Caplan
Joseph Caporicci & Catherine Turin
Peter Carbon
Eddy Carey
Louis Carpentier
Dr. Charles A. Casey & Mrs. Penny Casey
Joseph Castiel & Leah Castiel
Marie Chaib
Pierre & Gabrielle Chamberland
Philip & Denise Chan Tang Kwan
Louise M. Charron
Alain Charron Jr.
Dr. Laurel Anne Chauvin-Kimoff & Dr. John Kimoff
Kimmy Chedel
Viateur Chénard & Josée de Repentigny
Mr. James Cherry & Dr. Jane Craighead Cherry
Vincent Chiara & Stella Vassallo
Stefano Chiella
Giuseppe Ciconte
Karolina Ciesielska
Tiziana Cirigliano
Donald Clarke & Marilyn Kelly
Dr. Ellen Clavier-Rothstein
Marius Cloutier
Jordana Cobrin & Mitchell Greenspoon
Barry Cohen & Randi Milstein Cohen
Morley and Rita Cohen Foundation
Charles W. Colby
Catherine Collard & John Maag
Andrée & John W. Collyer
Mark Connolly & Diane Delli Colli
Daniel Conti & Joy Hared
Maurice Conti
Dorothy J. Williams & Stephen Cook
Hugo Corbeil
Harriet & Marvin Corber
James S. Coristine & Carole Robidoux
Marc Cormier
Elizabeth & Michel Côté
Beverley & Ron Courey
Robert Cox
Antonio Cretella & Mirella Zerbino
Michael Croteau
Anna Cvesper
Elaine & Maurice J. Cyr
Denise Dagenais
Ronald Dahms
Patrick Daignault
Nicola D’Alessio
Anna & Alessandro D’Amico
Eric Danjou
Rossano D’Ascanio
Eric David
Dr. Michael Davidman & Mrs. B. Kim Davidman
André De Bellefeuille
Silvain De Champlain
Laura De Ciccio & Danny Bruni
Josie De Filippis
Suzanne De Grandpré
Anna De Luca
Luigi De Luca
Robert De Luca
Marianna De Martini & Ghassan Khawaja
Jessica Delfino
Tony Deluca
Armand Des Rosiers & Mylène Guertin
Mario Deschamps
Dr Pierre-Charles Deschenes
Alice Desjardins
Randi Deskin & Joshua Landau
Robin & Jeff Deskin
Richard Deslauriers & Marie-Claude Ménard
Denis Desmarais
Myriam & Nicolas Desmarais
Paul Desmarais III & Mary Dailey Desmarais
Dr. Marie Di Maso & Mr. Roberto Di Giorgio
Robert Di Sano
Migirdic Didonyan & Marisa Senoglu
Thi Muoi Diep
Eric Diercks
Edward Dikes
Anne Dixon-Grossman
Raffi Djourian
Edward & Annabel Domanski
Frank Dottori
Gisèle Doucet
J. Robert Doyle & Nina Cherney
Valerie & Richard P. Doyle
Stéphan Drolet & Sandra Gorman
Charles Drouin
Line & Jacques Drouin
Rozlyn Druckman
Heidi Drymer & Peter M. Graham
Janet A. Drysdale
Réal Dubois
Jonathan Dubuc
Barbara Duchesne Roubert
Pietro D’Ulisse & Pina Coluccia
Robert Dumas & Katherine Dorais
Adrian Dunn & Amanda Jelowicki
Donald E. Dunn
Kathleen Dunn
Raymond Durocher
Marshall & Sarit Duskes
Lisa Ann Dutton
Sandra Dye
Christopher A. Eastveld & Usara Ockoon
Abdullah El Tarazi
Christopher Eldon
Dr Michel El-Hakim
Bahieldin Elibrachy & Amira Elsharkawy
Nicolas Ellis
Marc Elman & Lori Singer Elman
Mohammed ElSerngawy
Thomas Engelhardt & Kathrin Kaufman
Susan & Eugen Erdelyi
Suzanne & Paul Etheridge
Jean B. & Cecilia Falardeau
Yves Falardeau
Giovanni Fancello
Patricia Farley
Dr Jean-Pierre Farmer & Mme Sylvie Girard
Edward N. Fell
Carole Ferris
Michel Ferron
Robert Fetherstonhaugh
Carol B. Fiedler & Claude Thérien
Stéphane Fillion
Harley Finkelstein
Louise Finlayson
Doug Fisher
Josh Fisher & Lauren Pekofsky
Susan Fitzpatrick
Martha & Timothy Fitzpatrick
Joan E. & Edward M. Fletcher
Fondation K.M.P. Folla
Dr. Patricia Anne Forbes
Alexandre Forest & Isabelle Nadeau
David Forest
Nathalie Fortier
Simon Fortin
Thor A. Foss
Suzanne Fournier & Denis Ouellet
Pasquale & Caroline Franco
Kim Fraser
Valerie Frost & Lino Pietrantonio
Ethelyne & Mortimer Fruchter
Alexandre Gagnon
Valérie Gagnon
Naomi Garber
Susan & John Garrish
Lorraine Gauthier
Louis Gendron & Liana Guizzetti
Normand Gendron
Shady Ghonaim
Fondation Denise et Robert Gibelleau
Louis & Brenda Gignac
Pierre Giguère
Martina Gimenez-Comas & Philippe Bouchard
Jeannine Girard
Danny Gleeson
Isabelle Godin
David Gold
Norman P. & Liliane Goldman
Ricki Goldstein
Cynthia M. Gordon
Alexine Mae & Andrew W.H. Gordon-Stewart
Jeffrey Gossack & Lori Astroff
Janet Grandbois
Christy Grant
Nancy & James A. Grant
Murray & Bonni Green
Dr. Brian Greenfield & Dr. Melissa Henry
Arthur & Goldie Greenspoon
William & Elizabeth Gregory
Margaret Griffin
Ernest & Belle Grivakis
Nancy Gulbenkian
Dr. Indra Gupta & Mr. Neil Price
Nadine & Richard Gut
Felix Gutierrez
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey J. Guyda
Nir Guzinski
Salvatore Guzzo & Ngoc Do Nguyen
Catherine Gyselinck & Richard Chabot
Marianne Hagen
David Haines
Karma & John A. Hallward
Francois Hamel
Stephen W. Hamilton & Janice Naymark
Sammy Hammouda
Raminder Hans & Rajveer Singh
Levi Haouzi
Pauline & Bruce Harkin
Rhodri & Patricia Harries
Janet & Lee Harrison
George Hasrouni & Jennifer Olders
Linda E. Hazen
Paul & Penny A. Hebert
Louise Hébert-Lalonde
Dr. Lily T. Hechtman
Nima Hejazi & Nazafarin Almassi
Richard Heneine
Christopher Henri & Judy Oleszek
Eleanor Hew & Mark Roper
Barbara & Neil R. Hindle
Allan & Carole Hitelman
Kim Hogan
Kennith Hollinger
Lindsay Holmgren & Martin Douglas Algire
Marie-Andrée Houde
Kenneth S. Howard
Marcel Hubert
Ivan Hubscher
Carolyn Hurley
Beverley Anne Hutchison
Minh Dieu Huynh
Luigi Iannacci
Joseph Iannicelli
Dr. Pablo Mauricio Ingelmo & Mrs. Francesca Montagna
Pompeo Ionno
Vaheh Isa Lazar
David Itzkovitz
Joan F. Ivory
Cathy & Richard Jackson
Robert & Lynne Jamieson
Charles Jenkins
Peter Jewett
Ingeburg Johansson
Ann E & David M. Johnson
David R. Jones & Lois Carson
Marc Jutras
Olivier Kaade
Sophia Kadas
Sebastien Kaine
John Kalaydjian & Caroline McRae
A. Edward & Stephanie Kalil
Baris Kaplan
Shabnam Karimi
Robert Kay
Gitta & Robert J. Kerr
Hambardzum Khulyan
Eric J. Klinkhoff
Brigitte Koch Nauroy
Helen Kogan
Daisuke Koike
Dr. Monica Weisz & Mr. Joseph Kolomeir
Suzanne V. Korf
Sara Korhani
Christos Koroneos & Aggeliki Matsiros
In loving memory of Joan Bosada Kouri 
Rodney Kouri
Athanasia Koutsoubos
Peter Krause
Hazel & Howard Krupp
Dr. Paul Kruszewski
Jenny Kuan
Michal Piotr Kuzmicki & Angèle Martineau
Kevin Kyte & Alessandra Massobrio
Éric R. La Flèche & Michèle Plourde
Dr Jean-Martin Laberge & Dre Louise Caouette Laberge
Tammy Lace
Raymond Lacharite
Johanne Ladner
Rosa Maria Lafigliola
Robert Lagendyk & Liette Chamberland
Anthony Lahoud
Brian K. Lakeman
Hugues Lalancette
Jeff & Frankie Lalonde
Nicolas Lalonde
Gérard Lamarche
Carole Landry
William Landry
Thelma A. & Gordon R. Lang
Jean-Philippe Langevin
Yves Lanthier
Frederique Lapeyre & Christophe Quarre
Antonietta Lapolla & Barry E. Yager
Natasha Larente & Jean-Alexandre Lambert
Dorothy Lavigne
Michele Lavoie
Jason Lax
Rive Reine Le Lacheur
Patrick Lebel
Christian Leblanc & Selena Felton
Louis Leclair
Pierre-Yves Leduc
Joonhee Lee
Kenneth Lee & Patrizia N. Toso
Dr Laurent Legault & Mme Lise Maisonneuve
Isabelle Lehmann
Line Lemay
Sarah Lemay
Antonio & Maria Lemme
Claude Lesage
Pierre H. Lessard
Walter Letham
Angelina Lin & Wilson Wong
James Livingstone
Francesco Lombardo & Zvezdana Memetovic
Barry F. Lorenzetti
Valerie Loubaton
Ginetta Luca & Tony Sforza
Martin Lucht & Rachel Cohen
Taras Lykhyy
Matthew Macaskill
Andrew MacDonald
Dr. Suzanne MacDonald
Cléo Maheux
Allen Majnemer
Peter Malo
Francesca Mancini
Gillian M. Mann & Neil Olien
Jay Mann
Eugenio Mannarino
Pierre & Francine Marchildon
Josette Marcil
Barbara & James R. Marcolin
Jo-Ann & John Marcone
Elaine Mardas & Christopher Bishara
Rafael Margiotti Soares
Roberto Marrocco
Louise Martineau
Steven Martins
Jacqueline & Antonio Masella
Dr. Orly Mashal
Heidi Massa & Marc A. Larente
Barry & Yvonne Mathews
Mohammed Matrati
Mindy Mayman
Beth & Hugh W. McAdams
George McCourt & Maureen O’Connor-McCourt
Bernard J. McDonell & Elizabeth McDonell
Sally K. McDougall
David & Tassy McEntyre
Donald McEwen
Kathleen McGovern
William McKay
Junith & Robert Mee
Carole Meilleur
Linda Sager & James Meltzer
Maxime Menard
François Ménard
Chantal Mercier & Marc Pelletier
Pierre Michaud
Gianna & Robert Milea
Farrel Miller
Silvana Mirabelli
Ibrahim Mohamad
Jennifer Molluso
Nancy & Stephen T. Molson
Monica Montanaro & Carlo Fidanza
Anthony Morello
Mariantonia & Giuseppe Morena
Charles-Edouard Morin
Anne Robert & Georges E. Morin
Peter S. Morton & Marguerite Fuller
Steven Moses & Rhonda Rabinowitz
Leah Moss & Robert Bard
Sherri & David Moyse
Kenny & Tina Moyse
Costandino Muro
John & Susan Murphy
Catherine Murray & Ken Steward
Kareena Nagawa & Atul Sachdev
Tanya Nahorniak
Dina Nathan
Alain P. Neemeh
Alexander Nellis
Norman Nemetz
John & Suzan Ness
Joseph Neufeld
Alexandros Nevras
Dre Tu Anh Nguyen
Robert William Nickless & Lisa-Marie Lywood
Marek Nitoslawski
Anthony Nitti & Vanessa Iannucci
Marius Gabriel Nitura & Doina Nitura
Jean-Yves Noël & Louise Tremblay
Jacques Nolin & Jennifer Boire
Raymond & Camille Normand
Marc Novakoff & Xuemin Jiang
Zisis Nterekas & Magdalene Ladas
Anthony O’Brien & Liviana Lo Bianco
Shawn O’Brien
Charles O’Connell
Camille Ohan
Mrs. Alice Oldland & Dr.John Oldland
Moniruvwe Orife
The Oringer Family
Sherry & David Owen
Anastasia Panagiotopoulos
Stella Pantazopoulos
Markian Papadiuk
Demetra Papamichelakis
Jean Papas
Gaston Papineau
Pierre-Michel & France B. Paré
Barbara Parker
June Parker
Denise & Andrew J. Parsons
Barry Pascal
Jasmin Patenaude
Mamiche Pathy
Eric N. Patterson
Thierry Paul & Annie Robinson
Stéphanie & Mark Paulin
Carl Pavano
Louis Payeur & Véronique Roy
C. Emmett & Judith Pearson
Sunil Peetush & Diana Rafaella Lyrintzis
M. Louis Pellerin
Ida Pencer
Janice Perlman & Peter J. Cohen
Jean-François Perreault
Michael Perricone
Claude Perron & Lise Lafontaine
Mitchell & Miriam Pesner
Eric Petraglia & Antonella Amodeo
Pascal Pettinicchio
Canamee Phaboonheuang
François N. Pinsonnault
Diana Pisanu
Julia & Roman Michael Pitt
Gabriel Poliquin & Emily Standen
Francine Pomerleau
Julie & Richard W. Pound
David Powell
Éric Préfontaine & Katia Tremblay
Felicia Preziuso
Helen & Theo Prokos
Raluca Puscasu
Yves Quintin & Barbara Andres
Manfred Raaber & Dora Papalia
Vincent Rabbat
Peggy Read Arditi
John & Ann Redfern
Zach Reisman
Gilles Rémillard
Carolyn & Richard J. Renaud
Olha Reshetnikova
Pamela Rice
Thomas A. Richardson
Christopher Richter & Cara Cameron
In memory of Michael Riddell
Frank Riedel & Kathy Holmes
Anthony Rill
Donato Giuseppe Rinaldi & Sandra Badolato
Tony R. Ritlop
François Rivard
Hugo Rivard-Royer & Marie-France Sabourin
Janis A. Riven
André Rivest
Simone Robaire
John Robertson
Louise Robertson
Marc Robitaille & Isabelle Bienvenue
Serge Robitaille
John Rochon
Nery Rodriguez & Irving Alvarado
Amedeo Romanelli
Louise & Larry P. Rooney
Béatrice Roquet
Eric & Connie Rose
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Rosenblatt
Colin M. Ross
Laurel & Mitchell Rothman
Marc J. & Ancka Ruben
Richard Rubin
Pasquale Rullo
Jodi & Morrie Rutman
Lorraine & John Ryan
Soufia Saadaoui
Jody Salicco
Colette Salloum
Andrew Salpeter
Jean Samson
Sukhjinder Sanghera & Mandeep Kaur Sanghera
Giovanni & Assunta Santoianni
Vincenza & Alberto Santoro
Nadia Saputo
David Savard
Allan & Sandy Schachter
Stanley Schmidt & Suzanne Lavigne Schmidt
Coleen Schroeder & Mario Caporicci
The Schuster & Osten Families
Pierre Scott
Stephen Scott
Larry Sedlezky
Renee Segal-Voronoff & Barry Voronoff
Marcy Seidman
Mary Semen & Robert Murro
Bradley Semmelhaack
Najim Shaikh & Karen Sankhi
Sughra Shaikh
Linda Shaw
Anne-Marie Sheahan & Christian Immer
Bruce Phillip Shearer
Sylvain Sheehy
Robert Shield & Natalie Allan
Cheng-Han Shih
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Siblin
Mr. Jonathan Sigler & Dr. Kathleen S. Myron
Vittorio Philip & Sura Silla
Anoop Singh
Maninderpal Singh
Mathieu Sirois & Annie Thibault
Dr. Terry Smith & Mrs. Linda Tessler-Smith
Warren & Patricia Smith
Elizabeth Louise Smith-Jones
Dr. Mark Spatzner & Mrs. Wendy Spatzner
Patricia Warren & Robert J. Spencer
Mark A. Stairs
Harriet Staples Lennox
Marc-Olivier St-Aubin
Lambros Stavrianeas & Evdokia Chondronikolis
Pierre St-Cyr & Lynne Rousseau
Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz & Mrs. Birgitta Steinmetz
Dr. Barry Sternthal & Mrs. Gloria Sternthal
Deirdre J. Stevenson
Danielle St-Pierre & François Boulanger
Timothy Stringer
Vincenza Sturino
Howard Szalavetz & Deborah Granatstein
Jeff Szenes
Abdel Kader Tabbara
Howard Tanzer
Hervé Teav
François Tellier
Sheena & Suresh Thadhani
Pierre & Mary Thibault
Anick Thibodeau & Stéphane Breault
Paul Thomas
Tracey Thompson
Enid Tietolman Backman & Carl Backman
Elias Levy & Levana Toledano
Eftichios Tomadakis
Mme Denyse Tremblay
Patrick Tremblay
Greg Tremellen
Rosa Trentadue
Carmine Trivisonno & Giana Venditti
Marisa & Marc Trottier
Peter Tsafoulias & Alexandra Lukacs
François Turgeon
Daniel & Laurie Turner
Gerlando Tutino
Susan Tutt
Dmytro Tuzov
Panayiotes & Michael Tzouvadakis
Angela Vahaviolos & Eric Hamam
Nicole Vallée
Siim & Mary Vanaselja
Janet Vanides
Jim Vanides
Peter & Susan Varadi
Marie-Josée Vasseur
Demetrio Vazquez
Corey V. Velan
Kristina Velan & Julian Friedman
Andrea Verdone
Anne Vézina
Renée Vézina & Daniel Archambault
Carmela & Ronald Vincelli
Dr. Dov Vinograd
Anna Vitasovic & Tonino Vignone
Vickie & Nick Vouloumanos
Johnny Warda
Elizabeth Wasserman
Lise Watier & Serge Rocheleau
Brian & Kathryn Weaver
Sally-Anne Webster
Natalie Weidenbach & Lee Dixon
Cindy & Jack Weinstein
Susan & Jonathan I. Wener
William Whalen
S. Boyd Whittall
Michael Whitworth & Catherine Lyng
Allen Whyte
H. Bruce Williams Jr. & Beatrijs Williams
Stephen Wolfe & Sylvie Grosso-Wolfe
John Wozniak
Frederick Wright
Ching & Lin-Tsai-Hsia Wu
Marguerite & Roger Yergeau
Nadime Zacharia & Martine Campeau
Zvi Zaffir & Jeannette Hoffman-Zaffir
Aline Zafirian
Mrs. Bea Zakuta
Barbara & Alan Zavalkoff
Norman & Gail Zavalkoff
Neil & Elaine Zeidel
Shawn Zimmerman
Joanne & John Zoumboulakis
101 anonymous donors

Public Foundations and Affiliated Charities

We are fortunate to be able to partner with a number of charities and public foundations that are dedicated to the well-being of sick children and adolescents. Their ongoing commitment and generosity help to keep The Children’s at the forefront of pediatric care.


$1,000,000  and over

Fondation Charles-Bruneau
Opération Enfant Soleil


$100,000 – $999,999

Benevity Community Impact Fund
Sarah’s Fund for Cedars
Conam Charitable Foundation
Foundation of Stars
Just for Kids Foundation
RBC Foundation
Yaya Foundation for 4H Leukodystrophy


$25,000 – $99,999

Aqueduct Foundation
Brookfield Partners Foundation
Canada Cycles for Kids
CN Employees’ and Pensioners’ Community Fund
Fondation En Cœur
Fonds Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation
Mise sur toi
The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada


$10,000 – $24,999

L’Association de la neurofibromatose du Québec
Fondation Bon départ de Canadian Tire du Québec
CIBC Children’s Foundation
Fondation Les amis d’Elliot
Fonds de charité des employés de la ville de Montréal
Helen Garrett Foundation
IWK Foundation
Protech Foundation
The Willow Fund


$2,500 – $9,999

Benefaction Foundation
Ardene Foundation
Centraide du Grand Montréal
Charities Aid Foundation of Canada
Child’s Play Charity
The CRB Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Lanouette Foundation
The Marchab Foundation
VMware Foundation

Special Events and Community Groups

We are privileged to count on the support of about 200 community fundraising activities. The combined efforts of thousands of volunteers, event organizers and supporters raise millions of dollars each year to acquire life-saving medical equipment, invest in special projects and support community outreach and child advocacy programs.


$1,000,000 and over

MCHF Golf Tournament
Caring for Kids Radiothon


$100,000 – $999,999

Expos Fest – Kat D DIPG Fund
Kids for Life
P.K.’s Helping Hand
Pedal for Kids
Les Tannants au volant


$25,000 – $99,999

Andy Collins for Kids
Déjeun’aide / Breakfast with Leaders
Kurling for Kids
The Million Reasons Run
Santé to Life
TMX Charity Day (TSX)
Pedal for Kids Teams
Banque Scotia
Morgan Stanley
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt
TD Wealth Management


$10,000 – $24,999

401 Bike Challenge
Les amis du lac Memphrémagog
CASA Cares
Collège des médecins du Québec
Congregation Beth Ora
Dankooz Golf Tournament
Entreposage M2 Toy Drive
Expérience Bébé’s Holiday Fundraiser
ICAO Charity Drive 2021
International Cup Kids Playing for Kids

Journey to Ironman – Jason Hillcoat
The Lena Fund Rainbow Rally
Liam Foundation
MNP Cares VIP Cocktail
Night at the Stadium
Playing for Kids
SGB Kids
Supermarché PA BBQ
Tiny Survivors
Verdun Wackers
Build a Better You Yogathon
Pedal for Kids Teams
Colliers & Friends
Evan’s Ride
Selwyn House/Team Lukca
Sobeys IGA
Team Ariana
The Study

$2,500 – $9,999

APS Make it Count
Heart of Life Fund
Barefoot in the Park
Becket Players
Bereskin & Parr Holiday Fundraiser
Brandon’s Buddies
Cannondale Echelon
CASCO Dance & Fashion Show
Déjeuner-bénéfice Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense
DEK Hockey Montérégie Tournament
Di Rienzo & Masella Event
East Hill School
EMSB Heart to Heart
E-Play for Sick Kids
Franco Family Poker Tournament
Friends of McGill University
Haunted House - Fright Night
Hillcrest Academy Fundraisers
HIV Clinic Fund

Holiday Invitational Hockey Tournament
Honoré Mercier Daycare Fundraiser
Jana Schmitz Memorial Swim-a-thon
Garderie K.I.D.S. Westmount I Bake Sale
Kirkland Old Timers Hockey League
McGill Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser Committee
Mingo McEwen Holiday Initiative
Mother’s Day Rose Sale
Ordre Fraternel des Aigles
RADIX MTL Art Exhibition In Honour of Vita & Mara Racaniello
Fonds Sîan Bradwell Fund
St-Bruno Challenge Cup
SVR Children’s Foundation Events
Township Toddlers
Vente Sara Claude Leduc + Mike Giannikos
Walk for Hope

Pedal for Kids Teams
Filo Import
GHGSat Incorporated
Harrison’s Ride
Jarislowsky Fraser 
Research in Action
Rio Tinto
Robinson Sheppard Shapiro
Sun Life

Executive Circle

The Executive Circle highlights the important role of corporate leaders who contribute $25,000 or more to major events, special hospital projects or to the Healthy Kids Fund.


$100,000 – $999,999

Banque Nationale
Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec
Financière Sun Life
TD Bank Group
HSBC Bank Canada
Intact Financial Corporation
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Sobeys Inc.


$25,000 – $99,999

Agat Laboratories ltd
Banque CIBC Bank
Bell Canada
Broccolini Construction Inc.
CAE Inc.
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Canada Life Assurance Company
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Cascades Canada ULC
Cogeco Communications Inc.
Desjardins Assurances
Gestion Mondiale d’actifs CI
Glentel Inc.
High-Rise Montreal HRM Inc.
Industrielle Alliance
JPK Capital Management (Canada)
Le Groupe Maurice
Metro Inc.
Meubles BDM Inc.
Morgan Stanley Services Canada Corp.
Plan A immobilier
Rayjo Charitable Trust
RBC Groupe Financier – RBC Financial Group
Rio Tinto
Sanimax San Inc.
Signature Pro
Sobeys Québec Inc.
Spencer Gifts (Canada) Inc.
Starlight Group Property Holdings Inc.
Sun Life Financial
Takeda Canada Inc.
TFI International
Traffic Tech
Transcontinental inc.
VIBRANT Idéation et Marketing

Corporate Donors

We thank the hundreds of small, medium and large companies that make children’s health a priority, through their annual donations of $2,500 to $24,999 to the Corporate Appeal or one of our special events. Their generosity makes a world of difference in the lives of our young patients.


$10,000 – $24,999

Ipso Facto investissement immobilier
Aliments Natura Foods
Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
Barcam Holdings Inc
Bark Busters
Behaviour Interactive
Bitumar Inc.
BMO Banque de Montréal
Bourse de Montréal – MX
Conundrum Capital Corporation
Dickson Golf
Dr. Annie Janvier Inc.
Electro Loh Plating co. Ltd.
Equitable Bank
Fednav Limited
Fuel Transport Inc.
Go Test Rapide
Groupe Park Avenue Inc.
IA Groupe Financier
Industrielle Alliance Assurance et Services financiers Inc.
Larente Baksh & Associates – TD Wealth
Logibec Inc
Longbow Advantage Inc.
Mavrik Corp
Otsuka Canada
Pembroke Management Ltd.
Philhobar Design Canada Inc.
Pilaros International Inc.
Power Corporation du Canada
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Rainbow Distribution
RBC Banque Royale
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
Rwilner & Daughters Holdings Inc.
Starcom Toronto
Sweet Park Capital
The Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar
TMX Group
Trévi Inc.
Turtle Creek Asset Management
Vente d’autos H. Grégoire
Williams-Sonoma Inc.
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (Canada) Ltd.


$2,500 – $9,999

1832 Asset Management L.P.
Accent Labels Inc.
Aerosystems International Inc.
Akme Poultry Inc.
Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services, ULC
AMJ Montreal
Aptos Canada Inc.
Arcelor Mittal Côteau-du-lac
Area Inc.
Au Vieux Duluth Restaurants Inc.
Balcorp Ltd.
Bank of America
Financière Banque Nationale
Bellevue Management Group
Bouclair Inc.
Budge Studios Inc.
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
C.V. International Plastics Inc.
Catsima Inc.
CBS Maintenance Ltd.
CDS Monitoring
Les Entreprises CHAPAM Ltée
Conseil des affaires Inde Quebec
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
Courtier En Assurance Leslie Machan Inc.
Croesus Finansoft
David Forest Financial Services Ltd
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg s.r.l.
Deli La Trattoria
Delmar International Inc.
La Diperie Monkland
DIVCO Limited
Dream Industrial Mgmt Corp
Dynamic Funds
Econo-Malls Management Corporation
EJA&A Holding Inc.
Empire Clothing
Enertrak Inc.
Epiceries PA Nature Inc.
Ernst & Young
Euro Precision Inc.
Exanimo Inc.
F.P.I. Cominar
Fermetco Inc.
Ferroque Systems Inc.
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
Fiera Capital Corporation
Formula Growth International Ltd.
Freedom International Brokerage Company
Le Furniture Shop
Galibier Capital Management Ltd.
Garderie Ciel Bleu Inc.
GDI Services (Québec) SEC.
Gestion Maurice Pinsonnault Inc.
Gildan Activewear Inc.
GKC Architects S.E.N.C.
Gr0k Technologies
Groupe infrastructure Santé McGill
Groupe Montoni Inc.
Le Groupe Océan Inc.
HC Habitation
Helix Global Solutions Inc.
Horizon Capital Holdings
Humble Bundle
Invera Inc.
Investors Group Inc.
Johnson Controls
Jolani Distribution Inc.
Kinka Management Inc.
Kruger Inc.
Ledgers Laval
Lexus Travel Inc.
Litho-Pak Inc.
Manulife Investment Management
Marianopolis Real Estate Limited
McCarthy Tétrault
Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging Ltd.
Montreal Capital Inc.
Montship Inc.
Omnitrans Inc.
Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications Inc.
Orbis Mortgage Group
Orthodontiste Orthoville
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Ouvroir (St-Sauveur-des-Monts) Inc.
Papp International Inc.
Printflex Corporation
Les produits Sugar Daddy Bacon BBQ inc.
PSB Boisjoli LLP
Quo Vadis Real Estate Management Inc.
Raytheon Technologies
RBC Phillips, Hager & North
Régulvar inc.
Rinox Inc.
Rodeo FX
Ronsco Inc.
Ruah Azancot Wealth Management, Industrial Alliance
Rudsak Inc.
Sciage de Beton 2000 Inc.
Services Financiers John A Leroux Inc.
Les Services Ménagers Roy Ltée
Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc.
Sicilianu di Montreal
Sky Blue Express Inc.
Smartsilk Corporation Inc.
Standard Products Inc.
Supermarché P.A. du Parc
Supermarché P.A. Samson
Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse
Suzy’s Inc.
Techno-Bloc Inc.
Technologie Supérieure D’Alliages
La Boutique TheKShop Inc.
Traffic Technology 2000
Trans-Pro Logistics
Triasima Inc. Portfolio Management
Usines Giant Inc.
Viau Food Products
Vivier Pharma Inc.
Vortex Aquatic Structures Int’l
Walker Glass Co. Ltd.
Westmount Capital Corporation
Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation
White Star Capital
Wirth Steel Limited


Commemorating a loved one or celebrating a special occasion is a meaningful way to give sick children their best chance for a healthy life. We thank everyone who thought of our young patients this past year.


In Honorarium

Demi Banousis
Xavier Barthe
Neeve Bernstein
Gabriella Bloom
Le fonds de Celeste
Charlie Buch
Melodie Dagostino
Gail Garceau’s Essentrics Zoom Birthday
Alessandro Giulione Fund
Joseph Hasrouni
Jaxson and Maxwell Hidalgo
Jordan and Trevor Hum Fund
The Stern Family Fund
Lingsen Kong
The Dara Meaghan Korne Fund
Dr. Jean-Martin Laberge
Jackson Leger Fund
Matthew Liebman
Edna and Victor Mashaal
Eva Nahorniak
NicoBella Fund
Vita & Mara Racaniello
Ollie & Eva Robinson Fund
Rudsak Holiday Initiative
Stefano Ruvo
Dr. Sebire’s Laboratory
Morgan Joseph Shannon
Children’s Challenge
Malik Stanhope
The Stern Family Fund
Trans-Pro Logistics Holiday Initiative
Emilia Tremblay
Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery – Annabella Tropiano
The Ulin/Johnson Family Fund
Jayden Wadera
Alice & Hazel Wilner
Ava Rose, Liam and Logan Sky Zammit
Zayne Alexander and Zachary Christopher Zammit


In Memoriam

Justin Morio Altman
Margot Beaudry
Julie Boileau
Francois Carlier
Oliver Patrick Carlson
Luca Cuscuna
Catherine “Kat D.Strong” Demes
Diana Common Dempsey
Arthur Der Shahinian
Pina Di Miele
Phyllis Djoboulian
Shani Duskes
Marie-Caroline Dutton Godard
John Munro Elder
Katy Giannias
Janet Jewett
Alesia Stavroula Karidogiannis
Spencer Julius Landau
Paul Langan (Lili Fund)
Justin James Lindsay
Maria Georgina Martins
Emanuel Martorana
Nicolas W. Matossian Jr.
The Ryan J. McMartin Fund
Duncan Meikle
Eleanor Mitchell
Harris Mitchell
Rachel Moore
Vanessa Musacchio
Liam Rhéaume
Ewan Peter Robertson
Louise Robichaud
Josie Spano
Nicholas Santaguida
Paolo Santoro
Pierina Scalia
Jana Schmitz
Cecile Silverman
Angy Trakakis
H. Bruce Williams

Dr. Mackenzie Forbes Society

Members of the Dr. Mackenzie Forbes Society have made a legacy gift to The Children’s through a bequest, a charitable annuity, a gift of life insurance or by establishing an endowment fund. The Society also honours those donors who have made provisions for a future gift to the Hospital in their will.


Legacy Gifts

Janice Couture
Gail F. Tisseur
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Elkin
Christine Beauchamp
8 anonymous donors



Estate Mohammad Ali Abiri
Estate Arlette Bertschi
Estate Kveta Cerny
Estate Pietro Chiella
Estate George J. Comrie
Estate Giovanni Di Ioia
Succession Fiore Fonda
Estate William J. Gilmour
Succession Serge Harvey
Estate Lillian Mary Hennessey
Succession Maurice Jacques
Estate Teena Marie Johns
Estate Howard Charles Kinsella
Estate Shirley Kinsey
Estate Rita Laframboise
Estate Yvan Lalonde
Succession Adolphe Langlois
Estate Pauline McKibbin
Estate Samuel Currie Millar
Estate Martha Oberhuber
Estate Marguerite O’Brien
Estate Audrey May Prosser
Estate of Maria Raguseo
Estate Sheila Rodericks
Estate Louis Sessenwein
Estate Jacqueline Hazel Shapiro
Estate Elizabeth Simpson Dougall
Alice and Euphemia Stewart Family Foundation
Estate Vickie Swidler
Estate Emily Tait
Estate Gerald Joseph Trudel
Estate Jean-Marc Vary
Estate Harold Vilas
Estate Eleanora Wasserman
Succession Donna Willow Thompson
Estate Catherine Wiwchar
Estate Sasheen Didar Husain
Estate Mildred J. Clare


Endowment Funds

Angela’s Big Hearts for Little Kids Fund
The Irene K. Assimes Pediatric Anesthesia Award Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Mia Bailly-Brunet
Fonds de dotation Margot Beaudry
Fonds de dotation familial Julie et Claude Bédard
Fonds de dotation de la Famille Belcourt
The Leba Benjamin and Dr. Ben Benjamin Endowment Fund
The Hy and Joan Bloom Endowment Fund
The Sîan Bradwell Endowment Fund
The Charlotte Branchaud Memorial Lectureship Endowment
Faith Brann Cardiology Research Fund
The Dr. Alice Chan-Yip Endowment Fund
The Morton Charad Endowment Fund
The Dr. Donald Cohen Childhood Autism Lectureship Fund
The Madelyn Mave Collett Endowment Fund for Continuing Education in Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing
Andy Collins for Kids Endowment Fund
The Janet and Michael Corber Research Endowment Fund
The Alexandra and Marc Courtois Family Endowment Fund
Dorothy Craig Memorial Fund
The Loula and Kosta Dariotis Family Endowment Fund
The Sebastian Dupont Endowment Fund for Development of Leadership and Innovation in Pediatric Health Care Management
The Edwards Family Endowment for Complex Pain
The Sadie Ruel-Fraser Palliative Care Endowment Fund
Kailtin Hope D’Elia Fund
Le Fonds de dotation Mariline De Sousa
Marcel Fluhmann Endowment
The Louise Dery-Goldberg Endowment Fund
Tony Dobell Chair in Pediatric Surgery
The Anthony R.C. Dobell Endowment Fund for the Advancement of Congenital Cardiac Surgery
Le Fonds de dotation Marie-Caroline Dutton Godard
The Dr. John Munro Elder Adolescent Clinic Endowment Fund
The Anthony Elisii Endowment Fund
Alma Rae Fellowes Pediatric Nursing Innovation and Leadership Endowment
Alma Rae Fellowes Pediatric Nursing Scholarships Endowment
The Kathrin and Alfonso Fiumidinisi Family Endowment Fund
The Spencer Julius Landau Little Warrior Endowment Fund
Christopher Ryan Fonseca Endowment Fund
Le Fonds de dotation de la Famille Francoeur en immunologie pédiatrique
The Dr. Alton Goldbloom Lectureship Endowment Fund
The Dr. Hyman Goldman Insulin Pump Endowment Fund
Donald A. Goltman Memorial Fund
Le Fonds de dotation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin pour la recherche clinique et fondamentale sur l’asthme
The Mary Gower-Rees Nursing Endowment Fund
The Dr. Claude Grandbois Endowment Fund in Hematology-Oncology
The Frank M. Guttman Visiting Professorship Endowment Fund provided by Zoe Saskin’s Ski for the Children’s
Hugh G. Hallward Chair in Pediatric Surgical Research
The Dr. Eleanor Mackenzie Harpur Lectureship in Pediatric Laboratory Medecine Endowment Fund
The Mel Hoppenheim Family Fellowship Fund in Pediatric Neurology
The Amy & Peter Howick Endowment Fund
The Dr. Frederick Kalz Dermatology Research Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation familial Maral Kanadjian & Daniel Dion
The Cynthia Vanderburgh-Kaplan Memorial Fund
Le Fonds de dotation Luc et Sylvain Labonté
Daniel Levine Research Fund
The Ronald Linden Endowment Fund
The Wendy MacDonald Chair in Pediatric Medical Education
The Matheson Family Endowment Fund
Le Fonds de dotation familial Irenée Marcoux
Ida McDonald Equipment Fund
The David McGillivray Pediatric Emergency Medicine Research Fund
The MCH Pediatric Endocrinology Montreal 2001 Endowment Fund
The MCH Fellowship Endowment Fund in Pediatric Surgery
The Israel Messinger and Toba Cohen Messinger Endowment Fund
The Kathy Moffatt Child Life Endowment Fund
The Hartland de M. Molson Pediatric Palliative Care Scholarship Fund
The Carol Morency Endowment Fund
The Robin C. B. Morton Family Endowment Fund
Eva Rose Murawski Nahorniak Endowment Fund
The David R. Murphy Lectureship Endowment Fund in Pediatric Surgery
The Nakashima-Altman Family Endowment Fund for Neuromuscular Disease
The Mathilde Poliquin Endowment Fund
Maurice Pollack Foundation Diabetes Research Fund
The Imogen and Eleanor Richter Endowment Fund
Jeremy Rill SIDS and Apnea Fund
The Alan Ross Memorial Lectureship Endowment
The Pradeep & Pushpa Sahu Endowment Fund
Zoe Saskin’s Ski for the Children’s Endowment Fund in Pediatric General Surgery
Melvin D. Schloss Lectureship in Pediatric Otolaryngology
Charles Henri Schneider Research Fund
The Charles R. Scriver Pediatric Endowment Fund for Genetic Disease
The Dorothy Crozier and Joseph D. Sexton Research Endowment Fund in Pediatric Surgery, Birth Defects and Pediatric Neurology
The Arthur and Peter J. Sheridan Lectureship Endowment Fund
The Spatzner Family Endowment Fund
Nicolas Steinmetz and Gilles Julien Chair in Social Pediatrics in the Community
The Dr. Ivan C. Tchervenkov Endowment Fund
The James Temple & Isabella Weir Kirk Endowment Fund in Respiratory Medicine
The John L. Todd Memorial Fund
Agnes & Maurice Trager Memorial Endowment Fund
The Kenny Vineberg Endowment Fund
The Michael Whitehead and Louise Penny Hematology Research Endowment Fund
The Dr. Blair and Mary Whittemore Endowment Fund for Continuing Education in Hematology-Oncology
The Wilson Family Endowment Fund
The Dylan and Riley Wolff Endowment Fund
The Hilda Ruth Wynne Endowment Fund
The Aaricia Yu Yee El Khaiat Endowment Fund
Lingsen Kong Endowment Fund
Peter and Delia Kermack Endowment Fund
Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation Chair in Pediatric Surgical Education and Patient and Family-Centred Care