Help families financially devastated

A family with a sick child will lose


of their income.

Many families with a sick child are pushed into poverty. They lose on average 40% of their income, one of the parents usually having to stop working to stay by their child’s bedside.

Because a sick child impacts on the whole family, the Children’s Social Services workers are available to these families 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Thanks to your gift, they help each year more than 600 families receive badly-needed direct assistance to cover transportation, meal tickets, parking, accommodations, medication, medical equipment and other basic necessities. Help a family today.

A Family Like Simon’s

It’s tough enough to have a sick child; it’s even tougher to know you can’t provide for them.

Within days of her son’s diagnosis, Caroline went from managing to support her four children on a dental hygienist’s salary to being a mom forced to stop working, relying on handouts.

But thanks to generous people like you, she has been able to maintain a sense of dignity while putting all of her energy where it’s needed most: helping Simon face the fight of his life against leukemia.

To help make ends meet, she started using the money she had set aside for things like clothes or tire changes. But she could not have gone on without outside support.

Each week Caroline drives Simon to and from the Children’s at least once, which is a 210 km journey. On top of gas, she also has to pay for parking. As you can imagine, the bills add up fast. And the EI benefits she received for parents of critically ill children only covered 35 of the 54 weeks their lives were put on hold…

Donor support helped pay for a few months of rent, parking at the hospital and gift cards for groceries.

“We still have two years ahead of us before we can declare victory,” she says. “Simon is now receiving daily chemo treatments at home. He started playing hockey again. I’ve gone back to work, but only part time, because we still have regular treatments at the Children’s. Each time we go, I worry we’ll get bad news.”

While your donations can’t make all her worries disappear, they do relieve the anxiety that she won’t be able to feed her kids or pay her bills. And that takes an enormous load off her shoulders.

“Knowing that people are there gives us the strength to roll up our sleeves and hope for a better tomorrow,” says Caroline. That is indeed in the spirit of the Children’s generous community.


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