Together we can make a difference.

Nothing is more important to me than the cause of children’s health. That’s why I’ve decided to raise funds to support The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Last year The Children’s treated over 230,000 kids, and its Emergency Department is one of the busiest in North America. If I can make life a little better for just a few of those children, it will be enough. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation.
Thank you so much for your support!


Thea Katergaris – 5 janvier 2018

Claire Lovey – 27 novembre 2017

«Hey Samantha,

Your Aunt Ga, is a dear friend of mine, and she reached out to me regarding this. What you are doing is just so special and you are a great inspiration to all, young and old!!
Wishing you the best Sweet Sixteen, and may all your hopes and dreams come true now and always, you deserve it all!! Remember good things happen to good people.
All the best,

Melodie Neiderer, 50 $ – 26 novembre 2017

Christos&Stavroula Tsimiklis – 25 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday!»

Costa& Nia Tsimiklis – 25 novembre 2017

«We are very proud of you!
Happy 16th Birthday
Love Mom&Dad»

Family Petrakos – 24 novembre 2017

«Happy 16th Birthaday Samantha!!!»

Maria Miele – 24 novembre 2017

«Happy birthday Samantha!!!

Demis Panayotidis – 23 novembre 2017

«HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! So glad to contribute to such a worthy cause! -Gaby»

Christopher Tsimiklis – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday Samantha »

Diane Beaudoin – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday Samantha!»

Alison Barnett – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Sweet 16!! »

Sawsan Elkhaldi – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday»

helene Karabetian – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday Samantha»

Anthy Sarlis – 23 novembre 2017

«Happy Birthday»