Nick Di Nezza

Hello All,

Nothing is more important to me than the cause of children’s health. When a child is sick, it is hard to imagine what parents go through during these hard times unless you are personally touched by it and I know many parents that have gone through some hard times. During these hard times the parents have always said that the Children’s Hospital and their caring staff are always there for the parents and children to help them during the highs and lows.

That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Pedal for Kids fundraiser for The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. This is my 8th years participating and I know that each $ helps the Montreal Children’s Hospital in providing kids with the best medical equipment and care possible.


William Poon, 100 $ – 30 Juillet 2020

Justin Stuart, 500 $ – 17 Juillet 2020

Khalid Elsawaf, 100 $ – 15 Juillet 2020