YOUNG, WILD and turning THREE! Hi, I'm Emily and I have a papa & mama who loves me very much. I love to sing, jump and run. I am healthy and happy, but not all children are lucky as me. My family, my grandparents, my uncles, my aunties, my cousins, my friends and Santa spoils me all year long and I don't really need any more material good. So in lieu of birthday presents, let's help those who really need it.

Nothing is more important to me than the cause of children’s health. That’s why I’ve decided to raise funds to support The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Last year The Children’s treated over 230,000 kids, and its Emergency Department is one of the busiest in North America. If I can make life a little better for just a few of those children, it will be enough. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. Together we can make a difference.


Stellia Chen, 50 $ – 20 janvier 2018

«Happy Birthday Baby Em!! Wishing you all the best and stay young, cute and beautiful. Your parents and all of your uncles and aunties love you very much! »

Amelia Pang, 20 $ – 13 janvier 2018

«Happy Birthday Em! xoxo»

Mary-Anne Lai, 50 $ – 13 janvier 2018

«Happy Birthday Sweet Emily! May your Mama and Papa shower you with all the love in the world and get you all the things you deserve!!»

B. Tonton, 20 $ – 11 janvier 2018

«Happy Birthday!»

catherine L'Anglais, 20 $ – 11 janvier 2018

«Bonne Fête ma Belle Emily !! »

Anonyme, 100 $ – 7 janvier 2018

«Always support my favorite Emily »

Anonyme, 20 $ – 7 janvier 2018

«Go habs go!! Bring us the Stanley Cup Em!!»

Anonyme, 20 $ – 5 janvier 2018

«Wish you only the best Em =)»

Anonyme, 20 $ – 5 janvier 2018