Eddy Farrace

Hi everyone,

Many of you know my story with the Montreal Children's Hospital and that I am 100% committed to giving back year over year. This is my 11th year participating with Pedal for Kids and thanks to all of you that have given in the past, we have made a significant contribution to the Montreal Children's Hospital foundation. This year will mark the 30th edition of Pedal for Children 2021. Our objective is to collectively raise $ 300,000 which will be used to contribute the construction of the Caramel Pavilion as well as to continue to support the Children's Health Fund.

For those who don't know my story and want to chat about it, feel free to reach out to me and we can have a "Coffee with Eddy" session where I can tell you all about it :)

We all heard the saying that one person cannot change the world... but it is all of us combined that can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your generous contributions and for putting a smile on kids faces.

For all donations $15 and above made on the site, the foundation will be automatically sending you a tax receipt by email.




andré solat, 100 $ – 9 Octobre 2021

DevencoreJDBLtee, 100 $ – 7 Octobre 2021

«Félicitations et bravo»

Michael Piscolla, 100 $ – 3 Octobre 2021

Riccardo Piscolla, 100 $ – 3 Octobre 2021

«Thank you so much, Eddy, for continuing to support this very important cause. I hope you’re able to achieve your goal!»

Sofia Piscolla, 100 $ – 2 Octobre 2021

«Great cause! Keep up the good work»

Adamo Sorella, 100 $ – 2 Octobre 2021

«good work Eddy keep it up it is such a worthwhile cause , your commitment to the foundation is remarkable.»

John Cottrell, 100 $ – 24 Septembre 2021

Ted Farrace, 100 $ – 21 Septembre 2021

Mike Parente, 100 $ – 21 Septembre 2021

«Great cause! keep up the great work Eddy!»

Hakan Kilic, 100 $ – 20 Septembre 2021

«Great cause!»

Eddy Farrace – 20 Septembre 2021

«Giving back to a fantastic Hospital that does so much for our children!»