Every year on their birthday, we always take the time to reflect on how lucky we are to have happy, healthy children. Even though they were born prematurely, they received the best care possible, which is allowing them to thrive today. For their birthday, we want nothing more than to give back. All the donation received for the twins birthday, will be donated to the Montreal Children's Hospital NICU. Thank you for your donation. Together we can make a difference. *If for whatever reason you are not able to donate, we are just happy to have you come and celebrate with the twins!


Claudine Courey, 100 $ – 24 juin 2017

«Happy birthday Nate & Coco!!!! We love you so much and wish you the best day ever. Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!!!!
Sofia, Zia Claudine & Zio Anthony»

Dylan (Danny & Rita) Cohen, 50 $ – 24 juin 2017

«Happy Birthday Nate and Coco!! Wishing you a lifetime of health, happiness, giggles and fun! I'm so appy we are friends!

Your buddy,
Dylan »

Marilena Bono – 23 juin 2017

«Dear Nathan and Nicole,
Happy Birthday! May your day be full of love and laughter and may God continue to bless you both.
With lots of love hugs and kisses,
Harper Rose, Hunter, Marilena and Derrick»

Rosalia Bono, 50 $ – 23 juin 2017

«Dear Nathan and Nicole,
Happy 3rd Birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love, joy and happiness.
Lots of love,
Rosalia, Francesco, Adamo and Gianni»

Katrina Hucal, 50 $ – 22 juin 2017

«Nate & Nicole, Happy Happy 3rd Birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating your big day with you!
We love you both so much.
Lots of love
Kai,Quinn, Katrina and Jesse»

Maria D'Angelo – 20 juin 2017

«HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR SWEET ANGELS... We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Your laughter, love and joy of life fills our hearts and home.
We love you very much.

Zio Mike, Nonna and Nonno.»

Ada Nazzari, 50 $ – 13 juin 2017

«Happy Birthday Coco & Nate!!!! Looking forward to celebrating with you at your party! Hugs and kisses, Letizia and Enrique xoxo»

Dany D'Orsa, 50 $ – 7 juin 2017

«Happy Birthday Coco and Nate!
We love you both so much and hope you have a great time at your party! See you there! xoxo

Elina Rpomanovskaia, 50 $ – 6 juin 2017