Evan's Ride

Evan, a superhero on wheels

At 6 years old, Evan has already triumphed in three open-heart surgeries. Now, thanks to the care he’s received at the Children’s since birth, his condition has stabilized. His parents are watching him grow up in the hope he’ll continue to live a normal life.

When Evan was born at 39 weeks, he had a hole in the wall separating his heart’s ventricles, and only his right ventricle functioned. At 17 days, he underwent his first open-heart surgery - a big operation for such a tiny baby! “The most difficult conversation of our lives was envisioning the possibility that our son might not survive the risky surgery,” says Kimberly, Evan’s mom. “We felt powerless and terrified.”

Fortunately, thanks to the expertise and care shown by Dr. Christo Tchervenkov, head of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Division, and Dr. Tíscar Cavallé, pediatric cardiologist, everything went well. “With every surgery, we knew Evan was in the best possible hands.”

Each year, the Children’s treats more than 4,000 children with heart disease. Thanks to your generosity, these children have access to new therapies and technologies, allowing over 90% of them to survive and aspire to a normal life. Your support allows the Children’s to offer quality care and attract talented specialists like Dr. Tchervenkov and Dr. Cavallé, who helped Evan beat the odds.

Pedal for our kids! Participate in this year’s event so that sick children like Evan can get the most out of their childhood.


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