Lucy Shapiro - Bunch of Moms Team Member

On Thursday, May 31st, at the Caring for Kids Radiothon, courageous young patients and their families will share their stories of determination, of milestones reached, of relief and thankfulness. There are also stories of distress, helplessness, anxiety, and unfortunately, heartbreaking grief.
As long as there will be children fighting disease, there will be the need for more cutting-edge research, essential equipment and top-of-the-line care. This is why I am participating in the Caring-For-Kids Radiothon which raises essential funds for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Our team, A BUNCH OF MOM’s is so honoured to be part of this amazing community event. Please support my efforts by making a contribution to help me reach my goal and allow the hospital to provide the very best care for kids. Our kids.
Thank you!