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turning bracelets into a feeding machine

One year ago (May 2016) my granddaughter underwent open heart surgery at the MCH. She was just 10 months old. We were all very frightened, but the MCH was fantastic! They took such special care of her and my daughter and son in law. Today you would never know there was anything wrong with Raven Rose ... she is healthy and strong. My students decided that they would help me raise money to donate to the MCH. They made beautiful beaded bracelets and sold them for 1$. They raised over 600$ so far and they are still selling them!

  • RIVERVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, $65.00 8 juin 2017
  • allion elementary school, $650.0025 mai 2017
  • mary anne fyckes, $20.0025 mai 2017

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